Electoral compass: Legault and Nadeau-Dubois seen as the most competent | Elections Quebec 2022

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Electoral compass: Legault and Nadeau-Dubois perceived as the most competent | &Elections Québec 2022

The Caquiste leader, François Legault, and the co-spokesperson for Québec solidaire, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, are also the two party leaders in whom the users of the Electoral Compass trust the most, as of September 19, 2022.

The leader of the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) and the co-spokesperson for Québec solidaire (QS) are seen as the most competent and trustworthy leaders since the start of the campaign in Quebec, if the x27;we rely on the opinion of nearly 150,000 Vote Compass users.

From August 28 to September 19, 147,767 Vote Compass users election were asked to assess the competence of the leaders of the main political parties by giving a mark out of 10 to each of them.

It was outgoing Prime Minister François Legault who obtained the best score, with a mark of 5.6, but the solidarity Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois is hot on his heels, with a score of 5.3. Next in order are Parti Québécois (PQ) leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, Liberal Party (PLQ) leader Dominique Anglade and Conservative Party (PCQ) leader Éric Duhaime.

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Results are much the same, albeit a little tighter, when Vote Compass users are asked to rate the level of trust they place in each of the leaders.

The co-spokesperson for QS, however, comes tied with the head of the CAQ, both getting a score of 4.9 out of 10. The PQ leader who follows them closely, with a score of 4.4. The liberal leader and then Éric Duhaime bring up the rear.

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What strikes me is that there is not a chef who gets a passing grade, analyzes Julie-Anne Vien, associate director at the National public relations firm, in an interview with Radio-Canada. This is quite revealing of people's perception of chefs.

In communication, we say that when we are calm, it is perceived as an index of competence. So the calmer the leader, the more confident he seems, the more in control he will be given this label of competence, she explains, adding that with such results, call for the vote of the leaders will have to be effective in order to succeed in mobilizing the voters.

The data presented is based on the answers to the Vote Compass, a project of Vox Pop Labs in partnership with Radio -Canada. Vox Pop Labs is a non-partisan team of political scientists and statisticians.

Vote Compass is not a survey. Users are not preselected. The data, collected August 28 and September 19 from 147,767 users, was weighted to approximate a representative sample of the real population, based on census data and other demographic estimates. /p>

According to Ms. Vien, it is not insignificant that François Legault and Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, two politicians with very different styles and programs, find themselves not only prancing at the top of the Electoral Compass list, but embarking on one and the other that they are in a fight between two.

They say, in communication, that as soon as you have to explain, you lose. The contrast between the two is so great, the markers are clear, so it serves them both very well, she explains.

For Mr. Legault, it is a question of defining his adversary in the person of Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois… in order to avoid drawing attention to the Conservative leader, the only one who is potentially in the process of him steal counties.

“The only one who can really aspire to steal counties from Mr. Legault right now is Éric Duhaime in the greater Quebec region. So Mr. Legault has every advantage in not giving him a media existence, not naming him, not giving him airtime. »

—Julie-Anne Vien, Associate Director at National Public Relations

For Mr. Nadeau-Dubois, this direct rivalry with the outgoing premier is an opportunity to mark contrasts precisely to position himself as a credible leader of the official opposition. It serves him well to demonstrate that he is in this new era, this new generation of leaders, and we feel that he is on a mission to become the leader of the official opposition.

But beware, the caquist and solidarity leaders face great challenges for the debate on Thursday evening. Mr. Legault has a non-verbal to review and correct, that's clear, everyone has noted it, says Julie-Anne Vien. You have to feel that he is tempted to be there, that he has energy, enthusiasm, warmth in his words.

On the solidarity side, expectations are going to be very high. Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois must reposition his “VUS tax”, because we see that it is unpopular […]. He was weakened on this issue in the first debate, because he was unable to demonstrate beyond any doubt that it will not affect the middle class.

Don't miss the Radio-Canada leaders' debate, hosted by Patrice Roy and broadcast live Thursday evening at 8 p.m., to see the leaders of Quebec's five main political parties cross swords. You can watch this debate on ICI TÉLÉ or follow our live coverage on the web.

Sorted according to the political allegiances of the users, the results of Electoral Compass make it possible to identify certain observations, in particular in connection with the popularity of the leaders with the sympathizers of the other parties.

Thus, we note that the PQ Paul St-Pierre Plamondon enjoys a certain aura, at least among voters with CAQ and solidarity affiliations. He has a very effective strategy. He didn't choose to please everyone. It specifically targets sovereigntist voters, explains Julie-Anne Vien.

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He is able to give credit to the opponent when necessary, he knows that he has no advantage in alienating the electorate of Quebec solidaire on certain issues where they are a little more vases communicators. That, I find efficient and clever.

For Ms. Vien, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon managed to hold his own during the first debate thanks to his positive and calm tone. It serves him. It is the one that had the least notoriety and there we know that it exists for a large number of Quebecers. He has become someone to listen to.

We do not change a winning formula, she advises the PQ leader for Thursday.

It is difficult to say the same of the Liberal leader Dominique Anglade, who has yet offered an honorable performance in the first debate, according to Ms. Vien. However, she is unable to stop the bleeding.

She is a very combative woman. We feel that she carries the party on her shoulders, that she is going to play everything, that she puts her whole heart into it. Today, she said to us: "I have the pedal at the bottom, I am going to approach this debate with a new style", explains Ms. Vien, who adds: a new style, when there are two weeks left at the campaign, isn't it too little too late?

“Ms. Anglade, it’s her last real window tomorrow to strike a blow circuit, really. »

—Julie-Anne Vien, Associate Director at National Public Relations

As for the Conservatives, the results of the Electoral Compass clearly show that they only trust their leader. Éric Duhaime has a confidence index of 7.5 out of 10, while the leader who obtains the highest score after him is Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, with a meager 2.6 out of 10.

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That is exactly what we see in the demonstrations of force and the rallies held by the Conservatives. Who manages today to gather 2000 or 3000 activists? asks Julie-Anne Vien. These are people who are extremely mobilized, who come together, who support their leader, and that is reflected in the results of La Boussole.

According to her, Mr. Duhaime has everything to his advantage to continue to focus on the voters of Quebec by bringing issues specific to this region into the debate, in particular the third link, on which Mr. Legault must still find a convincing answer.

Mr. Duhaime demonstrated in the first debate that he is very calm, while everyone was waiting for him with an aggressive tone. He has a lot of repartee, he is not easily destabilized. And his best weapon is this impression of momentum that he has created with his activists and his large rally.

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