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Electric car: how BMW wants to win over young people

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In the transition of automobile manufacturers to electric, some of them have recently adopted a new strategy to expand their customer base: offer vehicles at affordable prices. This is the case of Renault with its R5 E-Tech, Nissan with its Micra EV or even Tesla which also launched into the project; although rumors of its abandonment emerged some time ago.

BMW, premium manufacturer par excellence, also seems to want its share of the low cost pie. How ? By transforming its compacts into affordable electric vehicles. A strategy resolutely geared towards young buyers.

The electric Series 1 in the sights

Conquering the hearts of young people by transforming its legendary 1 Series into an electric vehicle: this is the heart of BMW's maneuver. Information from well-informed circles suggests the emergence of the i1 and i2 models (thus based on the Series 1 and Series 2). These new iterations will coexist harmoniously with their thermal counterparts.

Bernd Koerber, Head of Product and Brand Management, recently told AutoCar about BMW's ambitions: “  We aspire to forge deep connections with the new generation “, all while guaranteeing the expansion of the brand across global markets. Ecology therefore seems relegated to the background in this tactic, more intended to conquer the market than to demonstrate that BMW cares about the planet.

The announcement of the upcoming withdrawal of the Mercedes A Class, planned for 2026, opens a timely breach that BMW intends to exploit. The electric Series 1 will therefore be positioned to attract new customers. Koerber certainly recognizes a “ lower profitability ” of these future models, but underlines their crucial role in attracting a young and dynamic clientele, cornerstone of BMW's expansion in certain markets.

The Neue Klasse platform at the heart of the transition

At the heart of this metamorphosis lies the Neue Klasse, a brand new platform from the Munich manufacturer unveiled last fall. This will propel the brand's future electric models to another level. The vehicles built on the latter will be very well equipped: a autonomy increased by 30%, a recharging speed improved accordingly, and a jump of 25 ;% in energy efficiency.

In the next two years, no less than six electric models established in the Neue Klasse will see the light of day, SUVs, or sedans. Future series 1 and 2, expected for 2027 and 2028, will be based on the NBx variant of the Neue Klasse. Specifically designed for front and all-wheel drive vehicles, another variant, the NAx, will be dedicated to rear and all-wheel drive models.

For the moment, we obviously don't have any prices to eat, we will have to show a good dose of patience to see if BMW will manage to keep its pari.

  • BMW wants to develop affordable EV models for young people .
  • Derived from Series 1 and Series 2, they will be designed on the Neue Klasse platform.
  • Those- these should be commercialized in 2027 and 2028.

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