Electric car Nissan Leaf will be removed from production


Nissan Leaf electric car will be discontinued

Nissan Leaf is the world's first mass-produced electric car, but demand for the model has been falling lately. The hatchback will be replaced by a new electric crossover.

Nissan plans to abandon the Leaf model. The popular electric car will be discontinued until 2025, and the third generation of the hatchback is not planned. This became known to Automotive News Europe.

Nissan Leaf became the first mass-produced electric car in history and it is still the most popular electric car in Ukraine. Since 2010, over 600 thousand of these cars of two generations have been produced. However, in recent years, the demand for the model has decreased, even despite its relatively low cost.

Nissan Leaf electric car will be discontinued

Experts name several reasons for the fall in demand for the model. Firstly, electric cars with a large power reserve have already appeared in its price segment. Recall that the Nissan Leaf is able to travel 270 km without recharging in the basic version and 360 km in the top version.

Secondly, buyers increasingly prefer crossovers. The Ariya electric crossover is already in the Nissan lineup, but it is noticeably larger and more expensive than the Leaf.

Nissan Leaf electric car will be discontinued

However, Nissan is already developing a more compact electric crossover with the working name Chill-Out – it will occupy a niche Leaf on the market. It is known that the electric car will be built on the same CMF-EV platform as the Ariya. Judging by the renders, the car has a swift design with a sloping coupe-like roof.

Nissan refutes the abandonment of the Leaf

However, after the release of the publication, Nissan Motor Ukraine denied the information about the complete cessation of production of the Nissan Leaf . At a minimum, the electric car will be presented on the European (and, accordingly, Ukrainian) market.


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