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Electric car sales are collapsing in Europe, here's what's replacing them

Sales of electric cars are in free fall in several European countries.

Could France be the tree that hides the forest in the electric car market ? Electric models have sold well since the start of the year, representing 17.6% of new car sales in France over the period from January to May 2024, or 2% more than in 2023.

Among the best-selling electric models are the Peugeot e-208, the Tesla Model Y and the small city cars Fiat 500 and Renault Twingo. However, electric vehicles remain far behind thermal vehicles with 32.6% of sales for petrol models (and 7% for diesel, which continues to fall).

But this good healthé of the market French hides a completely different reality. in Europe. According to figures from the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA), sales of electric cars have fallen sharply. of 12% on the continent, with a market share fallen 12.5% ​​in May.

Electric car sales are collapsing in Europe, here's what's replacing them

This is especially in Germany, the largest market for European automotive industry, that the lack of appetite among motorists for new electric vehicles is pulling the figures down. After the country's government abruptly withdrew its subsidies for electric cars in December 2023 to fill a hole in state coffers, the trend has not What will get worse for electric vehicles.

In May, sales of electric cars fell further. 30.6% in Germany. Cars à gasoline and diesel have benefited from this; To progress. First consequence of the disappearance of consumer appetite at the same time as state aid, the loss ;eacute;ant Volkswagen has transferredé numerous investments planned for the development of electric cars towards hybrids.

Because hybrids, with or without a plug, are the big winners at the moment. Some like Toyota, a hybrid pioneer, are benefiting from this while Tesla, a 100% electric brand, is seeing a decline in its sales, particularly in northern Europe.

Good health of the hybrid is also felt in France where hybrids (all technologies combined) do even better. These are the best-selling cars with 37.9% of new car sales in 2024, with an increase of 6 points compared to the previous year. 2023. If electricity therefore continues to progress slowly in France thanks to the maintenance of certain aid, this is far from being the case in the rest of Europe. The end of subsidies, particularly in Germany, has stoppedé clear momentum for zero-emission cars. Hybrids are taking advantage of this to take over and dominate the market, a trend which should be confirmed in the coming months as manufacturers also adapt their strategy to suit their needs. this trend.

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