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Electric or hybrid car: which one to choose ?

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This is an obvious parallel when you want to get a new car while being concerned about the environmental impact. Should I choose a hybrid vehicle or an electric car for my daily journeys? The question seems simple, but the answer will obviously depend on each person's needs and uses. So we come back here onthe main advantages and disadvantages of each type of vehicle, addressing their price, their performance, their autonomy and even their energy consumption.

What criteria to take into account when choosing between a hybrid car and an electric car ?

Before s’ be directly interested in the advantages and disadvantages specific to each type of vehicle, you still need to determine what use you want to have of it, and the region in which you reside. These are these factors which will allow you to make the choice that best suits your personal job.

Your usage

Determine the distance you want to travel daily, and If you are used to traveling short distances, then using an electric car seems ideal. On the other hand, if you know that you will have to make long journeys (motorways, national roads) on a regular basis, it will generally be more relevant to get a hybrid car offering more autonomy.

Electric or hybrid car: which one to choose ?

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Your region

The region in which you reside will impact your choice as well. Indeed, the electric battery turns out to be particularly sensitive to the weather, and especially to the cold. An electric vehicle will therefore show a significant loss of performance if you are in a region where the winter is particularly harsh. On the other hand, if you live in a particularly sloping region (mountains in particular), the autonomy of electric vehicles will also be impacted.

In the cases discussed above, the use of a hybrid car therefore appears more relevant. However, if you live in an area without slopes that is relatively mild in terms of weather, then the choice of electric will be good.

Electric or hybrid car: which one to choose ?

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What differences in energy consumption?

In an urban environment, an electric vehicle costs approximately €2.62 per 100 kilometers traveled. For their part, plug-in hybrid vehicles require an investment of €3.45 for the same distance traveled. In a mixed environment (urban/rural), consumption amounts to €3.65 per 100 kilometers for an electric vehicle, and €4.38 for a hybrid vehicle. In other words, the electric vehicle always consumes less energy than the plug-in hybrid.

D’as much as with home charging during off-peak hours, it is possible to further reduce the energy cost of an electric car, which therefore proves to be more profitable in terms of price in the long term.

Electric or hybrid car: which one to choose ?

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What differences in performance or autonomy ?

In terms of performance, the hybrid car has the most advantagethanks to its dual engine, while benefiting from better electronic management. However, the electric car is not necessarily to be ignored: it can demonstrate good performance, not to mention that it is quieter overall.

Electric or hybrid car: which one to choose ?

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In terms of autonomy, the hybrid car will last much longer. Its two engines allow it to travel between 600 and 1000 kilometers before being recharged. And conversely, the electric car is much less autonomous: on average, it does not exceed 200 kilometers and will then have to be recharged (which will take additional time).

If we are strictly talking about performance and autonomy, it is more advantageous to get a plug-in hybrid car.

Hybrid cars & ;amp; electric: is it the same price/maintenance?

It is quite complicated to directly compare the prices of electric and hybrid cars in their overall, because the different models do not necessarily offer the same functionalities. The price differences are also not significant, for a similar model. On the other hand, the aid provided for the purchase of an electric model is higher. It is in fact possible to obtain an ecological bonus of up to €6,000 when purchasing, as well as a €5,000 conversion bonus for the purchase of ;#8217;an electric vehicle. For the purchase of a hybrid vehicle, this bonus can only reach €1,000 maximum.

Electric or hybrid car: which one to choose ?

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For maintenance, hybrid vehicles will also be more expensive. It is in fact necessary to maintain two different types of engines (including the thermal engine, which must be serviced more frequently), which will be more costly in the long term. Especially since an electric model will not require emptying or replacing belts.

Overall, obtaining an electric car will therefore be less expensive, not to mention that it also consumes less energy in the long term.

Final comparison points

So finally with all this data, what choice to make? You will have to take into account various factors, while keeping in mind the advantages and disadvantages of each type of vehicle.

First, electric cars produce no exhaust emissions, which makes them more ecological. Their operating cost is reduced compared to a hybrid and their driving is quieter and smoother. However, hybrid vehicles are overall more efficient and benefit from better autonomy.

Electric or hybrid car: which one to choose ?

The d&amp prototype ;#8217;Afeela, the electric car brand from the joint venture of Sony and Honda. This was presented at CES 2023 in Las Vegas. © Sony Honda Mobility

So, if you plan to use your vehicle mainly in town for short journeys, you should give some allowance ;importance to your environmental impact and that you wish to benefit from’a less energy-intensive vehicle, the electric car will be more relevant in your particular case.

On the other hand, if you want to pay attention to your energy consumption but want to benefit from a vehicle capable of making long journeys with good performance, all while not having to wait sometimes long minutes to recharge your car, then a vehicle hybrid will be more appropriate in your situation.

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