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Electric scooter: the best models of the moment

Electric scooter: the best models of the moment

How to choose?

The price: Prices for electric scooters start at 120€ and can go up to several thousand euros. Everything will depend on your needs. You have to define how far you are going to travel on average, if you are going to have to transport it, where you are going to park it, how much power you need.

The speed: this is the essential criterion. The average speed of an electric scooter is 25km/h, some models can go up to 40km/h. For traffic in the city center, many zones are limited to 25 or 30 km/h, so it is not necessary to take an ultra powerful model if your traffic zone is limited.

< strong>Autonomy: Depending on your movements, the frequency of these, you must determine the autonomy you will need. The models vary between 15 km and 40 km. That is to say that you can travel 15km for example before it is unloaded. For longer journeys, it is advisable to choose a lithium battery.

Charging time : The latest models have innovated and are much faster for charging. The fastest ones will be operational again after 2 hours of charging, for the longest it's about 10 hours.

Weight: This is an important criterion if you have to transport your scooter in transport or on the stairs. On average, she weighs 15kg. The most recent models are lighter, 10kg.

Safety: To circulate serenely, do not neglect safety. First of all, opt for an effective braking system, you must be able to brake quickly when you are at 25km/h. It is advisable to choose front and rear disc brakes. It is important that you are visible to others, which is why it is essential to be equipped with front and rear lights.

Equipment : Some models are equipped with accessories that are very practical: a stand for parking, cruise control, a display screen for real-time driving information, an LED lighting system and an anti-theft system. The more equipment the scooter has, the better it will perform.

Our selection:

Best model:

Electric scooter: the best models of the moment

Electric scooter Dual Brake

Dualtron 1429,99€ I buy

Less than 500€:

Electric scooter: the best models of the moment

Black foldable electric scooter 350W 10.4Ah

AOVO 289€ electric: the best models of the moment” />

Xiaomi 1S Mi electric scooter

Xiaomi 449€ I buy

Less than 600€:

Electric scooter: the best models of the moment

Pro 2 Mi Electric scooter

Xiaomi 529€ png” alt=”Electric scooter: the best models of the moment” />

Folding electric scooter 500W LED display

Kugoo Kirin €529.99 I buy

< strong>Less than 1000€:

Electric scooter: the best models of the moment

M365 Mi Pro Foldable Electric Scooter Black

Xiaomi €712.77 Electric scooter: the best models of the moment” />

Ninebot Kickscotter MAX G30 scooter

Segway 874,13€ I buy

Electric scooter: the best models of the moment

Mini Motors electric scooter

Dualtron 949€ Buy “All the products featured in this article have been selected by our editors. When you buy through our sales links, we may earn an affiliate commission. The prices indicated and the stocks may vary between the moment the article is published and your reading of the page. »

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