Electricity prices are of increasing concern. Many people face a difficult dilemma when they receive them

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Electricity prices are increasingly scary.

 Electricity prices are of increasing concern. Many people who receive them face a difficult dilemma

According to the website “Super Express”, the energy crisis is taking its toll on Poles more and more. Electricity bills, which go not only to the average Kowalski, but also to entrepreneurs, are horrendously high, and paying them turns out to be a growing challenge. Are we facing massive failures of other companies?

Electricity bills getting higher

Electricity bills are increasingly taking their toll on both the average Kowalski and entrepreneurs . Many companies are already faced with the specter of closure. All because of inflation draining wallets, falling demand and finally rising electricity bills.

Unfortunately, not only the prices of electricity are rising, but also the prices of other media. And this is not the end of the increases yet. During the heating season, heating bills will already be high. This could already be the final nail in the coffin of entrepreneurs.

“Super Express” gave the example of “Gospoda u Wiedźmy” operating in one of the towns of the Podkarpacie province. The last electricity bill for the premises was PLN 11,200 for a period of two months. Interestingly, in the same period of last year, the electricity bill was PLN 3,800.

 Electricity prices are becoming more and more anxious. receiving them, he faces the difficult dilemma of

The owners of the premises have no doubt that such bills will lead them to close their business because they will not be able to support themselves.

Higher prices for entrepreneurs, higher prices for recipients

Unfortunately, higher bills for entrepreneurs are not only their problem . Experts have no doubt that ultimately all the increases will also translate into the final price of the product or service offered to consumers.

The spokesman for small and medium-sized enterprises asked the prime minister of the Polish government to freeze the rates for entrepreneurs Whether Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki will decide to take such a step, it is not known.

 Electricity prices are becoming more and more anxious. facing a difficult dilemma

Are you also afraid of your electricity bills?

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