Electricity prices will go up strongly. How to ease your home budget and reduce electricity bills


Electricity bills can shock us a lot. The price increase can be as high as 300 percent!

 Electricity prices are going very high. How to ease the household budget and reduce electricity bills

As the “Money” portal reminds us, in recent months we have had to face high inflation. The prices of products and services are soaring at an insane pace. In June this year alone, inflation was 15.6 percent. Unfortunately, economists do not have good news for us, the inflation peak is still ahead of us. One of the ways in which we can save energy is to invest in photovoltaic panels – the more so as you can get funding for them under the “M & oacute; j Electricity” program.

We are facing a significant increase in electricity prices

The President of the Energy Regulatory Office, Rafał Gawin, in a letter sent to the government, informed that energy prices for individual customers could be at least 180 percent. The letter is dated June 6 and urges authorities to take action to protect citizens from “unacceptable price levels.”

Gawin added that these prices are due to “unreasonable” margins on the energy producer. Experts indicate that one of the ways would be to tax the growing profits from energy production, and the money obtained in this way to spend on protection programs aimed at protecting the interests of citizens.

 Electricity prices go up a lot. How to ease the household budget and reduce electricity bills

There are many indications that that the Energy Regulatory Office will approve the price increases due to the fact that electricity prices on the Polish Power Exchange are rising. In the case of Tauron's client, it would be an increase of 200 percent, and PGNiG even 300 percent.

How to reduce electricity bills?

A way to reduce the use of electricity is to invest in household appliances characterized by a high degree of energy efficiency. Another possibility is to take advantage of the government's “M & oacute; j Electricity” program.

Nab & oacute; r applications for funding from the program will be accepted from April 15th and will last until the pool is exhausted or until December 22nd this year. The program is to increase the amount of “photovoltaic micro-installations” and the production of electricity from renewable sources.

 Electricity prices are going up pretty well. How to ease the household budget and reduce electricity bills

Do you think that the increase in energy prices will be as large as it is shown in the announcement?


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