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Electronic toll badge: there are 3 lies circulating, here is the truth about these boxes

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Although half of motorway transactions are already carried out via an electronic toll badge, many motorists are still hesitant to take the plunge – thinking that this badge is reserved for regular and professional drivers.

Yet the Ulys box has captured the hearts of 6 million French individuals who benefit from its many advantages. Practical, secure and economical, this payment device is the ideal solution for crossing tolls without stopping (30 km/h) via reserved lanes. Right now, . Beyond this period, you will then pay 2 euros per month used and it will be free otherwise.

Three preconceived ideas about the electronic toll badge

1) It's expensive

Contrary to popular belief, the electronic toll badge is not a luxury product reserved for the elite or professionals. On the contrary, it is accessible to everyone and offers excellent value for money. Depending on your profile, you can choose one subscription rather than another. At Ulys, the most popular badge – Ulys Classic – is sold for 2 euros per month.

Electronic toll badge: there are 3 lies circulating, here is the truth about these boxes

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Another advantage: you only pay for the months you used it, without commitment. An even more advantageous offer is also available at 0.90 euros per day traveled. With this principle, even occasional drivers will have an interest in using this beep for electronic toll collection. If you are a professional and you use a section of motorway with a toll on a regular basis, Ulys can offer you up to 30% reduction on the subscription. We compared all the Ulys badges here.

2) You must frequently use the highway

The electronic toll badge is not reserved for frequent riders. Ulys offers offers adapted to all motorist profiles. If you only use the motorway twice a year, the Ulys Flex badge will only cost you 1.80 euros over the year: it is not not billed for months when you are not traveling. You can therefore very well only use it for a month in the summer.

3) It's not just for the toll

In addition to being without obligation and free for 12 months (note, this offer is not available during the rest of the year), the badge saves time and money on your journeys. By going 30 km/h at tolls, you consume less fuel and protect your brakes. For other motorists who pay by card or cash, we must also take into account traffic jams which increase consumption and driving frustration.

But above all, this badge offers you a complete mobility solution. The Ulys application allows you to track your expenses on the motorway and to have an overview of the parking lots available in the surrounding area. As a subsidiary of Vinci Autoroutes, this service also gives you access to more than 1,000 car parks in France and Europe, in train stations, airports and city centers. Note that an offer for electric cars is also available.

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