Elite season 3: what we hold of the new trailer for the series Netflix !

Elite saison 3: ce qu’on retient du nouveau trailer de la série Netflix !

Elite is about to make a big return on Netflix. After a season 2 animated, the platform just dropped the trailer for the 3rd part.

Elite is back for a 3rd season. To languish the fans of the series, Netflix has unveiled a small teaser. The plots are untied and the new twist await our heroes in this new season. MCE TV says it all.


Elite returns next march ! Yes, the high school students of Las Encinas are poised to make their return with a bang. And it will be rich in emotions. In fact, Netflix has just unveiled the release date of its next season in a mini-teaser. The opportunity also for the giant streaming to sow a few clues as to the intrigue of this new part.

We reserve this new season of Elite ? If the ending of season 2 left us in suspense, some masks were already fallen. However, judging by this short trailer of 30 seconds, the Samuel, Nadia, Lu, Polo and all the others were not finished to give us their secrets… It was also the release date for this new part. Appointment on the 13th of march 2020. It tells you everything. [SPOILER ALERT]

Elite season 3: new storylines and new characters

For the new season, and Netflix us with a few surprises. In this teaser, we see the characters facing the camera, in turn. Among them, we find new protagonists. In particular, a character black camped by the rapper Leïte Sene ! Something to give a little more ethnic diversity to the series, which already includes two of the Maghreb. Finally, the character of Nadia is already generating controversy, as it feeds the stereotype of the arab woman. It still remembers that scene where she removed her veil in a nightclub who was so panic-stricken on the Canvas. As for his brother, Omar, he is just beginning to assume his homosexuality, outside the family home.

In addition to a cast of multi-ethnic, the season 3 Elite marks a new beginning. Indeed, the intrigues of the last two seasons have been completed with the last episode. At the end of the trailer, so you find a Polo shirt in tears. Some will say that it has been sought. After all, he is responsible for the death of María ! In this short teaser , we see Cataleya tighten the throat. Would it also gnawed by remorse ? It has helped Polo concealing the murder weapon. As for Carla, will regret-she had thrown a Polo into a pasture for his own good ? Nothing is less sure. This trailer raises more questions than anything else. Finally, one thing is certain, season 3 arrives on Netflix on the 13th of march next.

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