Elizabeth II on screen. Top 5 films with the Queen of Great Britain

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  • Elizabeth II on the screen. Top 5 films with the Queen of Great Britain

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  • Elizabeth II on the screen. Top 5 films with the Queen of Great Britain

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Elizabeth II on the screen. Top 5 films with the Queen of Great Britain

Surprisingly, the image of Queen Elizabeth II during her lifetime was captured – from youth to old age – in many films, TV shows and even cartoons. What films to watch, remembering Queen Elizabeth II?

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Elizabeth II has long been one of the symbols of Foggy Albion, the guardian of the institution of the British monarchy. The Queen died in 1997, having succeeded 15 prime ministers, having survived two world wars, the coronavirus pandemic, Brexit and forcing the Russian-Ukrainian war, in which Britain proves to be a reliable ally of Ukraine.

Perhaps the main features of the late queen are a strong nature and remarkable charm, which only emphasized her restraint. This is evidenced by the many films about Elizabeth II that came out during her lifetime – which in itself is a phenomenon. Almost all of these films have received prestigious film awards, which indicates the brilliance of Queen Elizabeth – as a person and as a historical figure.

Focus chose the most interesting of the film, television and cartoon incarnations a woman who ruled the United Kingdom for 70 years.

The Crown TV series

Great Britain, 2016 — 2020

Cast: Claire Foy, Matt Smith, Vanessa Kirby, Eileen Atkins

The 2016 Netflix series The Crown was a sensation: scale, detail, costumes, acting, direction — everything is on the level. The plot is written off from nature: it is the life of the British royal family carefully transferred to the screen. Queen Elizabeth is, of course, at the center of the action.

The plot of the series “The Crown” was based on Peter Morgan's film “The Queen” (2006) and his play “The Audience” (2013). As planned by the authors, every two seasons, a new actress was to play Queen Elizabeth II. Accordingly, three actresses received the role of Elizabeth II: Claire Foy (seasons 1-2), Olivia Colman (seasons 3-4), Imelda Staunton (seasons 5-6).

A unique project tells in detail about life queens from youth to old age. These roles made the actresses who played Elizabeth II stars – and they admitted that after filming was over, they missed their character for a long time.

“The Queen”/The Queen

Great Britain, France, Italy, 2006

Starring: Helen Mirren, Michael Sheen, Affonso Beato

The Crown was a big commercial success : with a $15 million budget, it grossed $123 million at the worldwide box office. According to critics, Helen Mirren deserved the title of “the main queen of Great Britain”. In 2007, she received an Oscar for this role.

The film tells about the tragic events of late August and early September 1997, when Princess Diana died in a car accident in Paris. Helen Mirren played the Queen at perhaps the most difficult and dramatic stage of her reign. The events of the picture describe the life of the British royal family in the first days after the death of Princess Diana. The film features Prime Minister Tony Blair. Everyone knew that the queen did not like Diana, but her behavior after the death of the princess and her mourning speech aroused the respect and admiration of both Tony Blair personally and the masses of the British.

“The Queen's Corgi” /The Queen's CorgiBelgium, 2019, animation

Her Majesty was very fond of Corgi dogs. The Belgian cartoon is just about one of these dogs. Corgi named Rex lives in Buckingham Palace with the royal family. He gets the most delicious treats, even lawns and the softest sofas to relax. And the queen herself plays with him. But one day, escaping from palace intrigues, Rex runs away …

The dangerous world of London streets opens up to him. To prove that he is worthy of being called a royal dog, Rex must find his way home on his own.

Queen Elizabeth II is shown in the cartoon as a sweet and loving mistress.

“The King's Speech”/The King's Speech

UK, Australia, 2010, film

Starring: Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter, Freya Wilson

A very successful film: on a $15 million budget, it grossed $414 million worldwide. At the Oscars, The King's Speech was nominated in 12 categories and won four of them, including Best Picture.The film tells about what kind of king was George VI – the father of Elizabeth II. The authors of the tape managed to open a new king to the viewer: a vulnerable person, an insecure stutterer. He constantly doubts both himself and his destiny – to rule the country. Together with his wife, Georg tries to cope with the disease, but these attempts are unsuccessful. One day, they find Dr. Logue from Australia, who is considered by other doctors to be an upstart and a charlatan. But his methods are effective. And Logue takes on the difficult task of “talking” the king of Great Britain.

Among the characters in the picture there is also the eldest daughter of George VI, Princess Elizabeth, played by Freya Wilson.

Among the Oscars is the film “The King's Speech” was nominated in 12 categories and won four of them, including “Best Film” and “Best Actor” (Colin Firth).

Olympic Video

< p>Great Britain, 2012

Starring: Daniel Craig, Elizabeth II

This video proves that Elizabeth II had a great sense of humor and a penchant for healthy adventures. In 2012, when the XXX Olympics were held in London, Queen Elizabeth II starred in a video with James Bond, played by Daniel Craig. In a short video, 007 arrives at Buckingham Palace and receives a task from Her Majesty: to inaugurate the Olympic Games. Queen Elizabeth and James Bond board a helicopter together parked on the lawn near the Queen's residence and fly to the stadium where the Olympics opening ceremony is taking place. Moreover, they fly along a rather dangerous route, “diving” under London bridges, as in a spy action movie.

Immediately after the video was shown, people at the stadium saw two paratroopers jump out of a helicopter hovering over their heads – one in a strict suit, and the other in an old-fashioned pink dress. A minute later, in front of an admiring audience, Queen Elizabeth II in the same dress stepped onto the podium, but arm in arm no longer with Daniel Craig, but with her husband, Prince Philip. It was a beautiful hoax!