Elizabeth May would like to run as co-leader of the Green Party, sources say


Elizabeth May would like to run as co-leader of the Green Party, sources say

< p class="sc-v64krj-0 knjbxw">Elizabeth May, who retired as leader of the federal Green Party in 2019, is preparing to return, sources say.

Elizabeth May intends to join the leadership race for the Green Party of Canada and is proposing a dual leadership formula.

According to sources telling CBC News, the politician seasoned would like to present itself in duet with the former researcher of Human Rights Watch Jonathan Pedneault. Party members will have to approve the pairing format proposed by the MP for Saanich—Gulf Islands.

These sources, who were granted anonymity by CBC, say they were surprised to learn that Elizabeth May intends to run for the party leadership again.

The news of Ms May's possible participation in the leadership race comes days after potential candidate Alex Tyrell was expelled from the party's ranks. The Greens say they expelled him because of his comments on the war in Ukraine on Twitter, which represent a breach of the party's code of conduct.

He asserted that Russia's demands vis-à-vis Ukraine are reasonable. The one who is also leader of the Green Party of Quebec appealed his expulsion.

He also criticized the party's selection process, believing that it disadvantages candidates less known in favor of more prominent candidates.

The final date for nominations is August 31.

The selection of the leader is made through two rounds of voting. The winners of the first round will be declared on October 14 and the remaining candidates will move on to the second round, which begins immediately after. The identity of the party's new leader will be announced on November 19.

The race aims to ensure the succession of Annamie Paul, who succeeded Ms May and occupied leader of the party for just over a year before stepping down after a bitter defeat in the 2021 federal election.

The MP for Saanich—Gulf Islands had left the leader of the federal Green Party following the disappointing result of the 2019 election.


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