Elliot Page unveils new passport photo showing himself as a man


    Elliot Page unveiled a new passport photo, where he appeared as a man

    Hollywood transgender actor Elliot Page received new documents after changing his gender.

    So, Elliot Page posted a passport photo on his Instagram page.

    On it, the star of the tapes “Juno”, “Inception” and “X-Men” appears already as a man. Elliot poses in a black T-shirt with a focused face. As the actor noted, he “never thought that he might like a passport photo.”

    Recall that in December 2020, actress Ellen Page announced that she had changed her gender. The artist has now asked to name herself in accordance with the gender – Elliot.

    According to the transgender actor, after changing sex, he finally feels comfortable and happy. In March 2021, Page underwent a mastectomy – surgery to remove the mammary glands.

    Note that in January 2018, even then, Ellen Page married her partner, dancer Emma Portner. But in January 2021, the couple announced their divorce.

    Elliot Page reveals new male passport photoElliot Page unveiled new passport photo showing himself as a man


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