Elon Musk conducted a poll on Twitter: millions of subscribers asked him to step down as head of the social network

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Elon Musk may step down as CEO of Twitter after almost 60% of users voted in a poll to fire him, according to DailyMail.

Elon Musk conducted a poll on Twitter: millions of followers asked him to step down as head of the social network

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More than 17.5 million people voted in a poll on whether Musk should step down as CEO of Twitter.

When the poll closed after 12 hours, the result was one of the richest people of the world received a negative assessment: 57.5% of users said they want him to leave, which is more than 10 million users.

By comparison, 42.5% voted for him to remain head of the website, equivalent to nearly 7.5 million users.

It is unclear who will replace him if he follows through on his threat to step down boss.

After conducting a live poll, Musk warned: “As they say, be careful what you wish for, because it may come true.”

Before the poll closed, Musk, who changed his Twitter bio to “Chief Twit” after acquiring the site for $44 billion in October, added: “Those who want power deserve it the least.”

The move divided users on the website, with some gloating over his imminent departure even before voting was over.

Lynette Halfani Cox said: “Could anyone other than a white male billionaire like Elon Musk even consider running a big publicly polled business? The CEO of Twitter has been called “eccentric”, “independent”, “brilliant”, etc. But if a woman did this, she would be “irrational” and would be immediately fired.

But the supporters of the CEO directors said that if he resigns, his critics may regret it.

Colin Rugg wrote: “I have a feeling that Elon Musk has already chosen the CEO of Twitter, and this person will further piss off the remaining ”.

Luke Rudkowski added: “Two hours before voting closes, he will announce a successor that will scare everyone.”

Rapper Snoop Dogg jokingly ran his own poll asking his followers if he should replace Musk, asking “Should I rule Twitter?”

After ten hours, 81.8% of the million people who voted in his poll, they said yes.

This poll was another dramatic moment in Twitter's troubles after it was bought by Musk. Paid blue checks, inconsistent personnel decisions and many more reckless actions put Musk in a precarious position.

In the past week alone, he has been criticized for blocking journalists who posted on a website about the location of his private jet, and for imposing a block on Twitter accounts promoting Facebook and Instagram. Then Musk quickly reversed these decisions.

And in November, he warned employees that the company could go bankrupt. Just yesterday, Dec. 18, he said on the platform that Twitter has been “on the path to bankruptcy” since May.

On Dec. 17 evening, Musk closed the account of Washington Post writer Taylor Lorenz after she was accused of revealing the exact address of TikTok talent show star Ariadne Jacob in a 2020 article.

Lorenz confirmed that she had been removed from the platform on Dec. 17 evening , but Musk said he would lift the ban in less than 12 hours.

“Temporary suspension due to prior activity on this account will be lifted shortly”, – Musk wrote in response to a tweet about the Lorenz ban.

Last week, the head of Twitter also suspended journalists from the New York Times, Washington Post and Buzzfeed, accusing them of revealing his address.

December 15, he banned a total of nine journalists after they communicated his decision to block an account that reveals his use of a private jet.

Nine accounts were reinstated on the evening of December 17 after he asked his followers to vote on whether they should be reinstated or banned for a week, with users choosing the first option.

Musk said journalists released a personal information about his exact whereabouts, but journalists insisted that they did not release his address or whereabouts.

On the evening of December 15, BuzzFeed News tech reporter Kathy Notopoulos hosted a discussion on Twitter Spaces, joined by Musk.


“Everyone will be treated equally,” Musk said, defending his decision to suspend journalist accounts.

“They are not special just because they are journalists”, – Musk said.

Shortly before the discussion, he tweeted, “They posted my exact real-time location, essentially coordinates, in direct violation of Twitter terms.”

December 18 Musk has abandoned Twitter's policy that all posts associated with competing social media platforms are deleted and accounts doing so are banned.

The decision came after Musk was challenged by the likes of Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter, and whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Musk then posted a tweet from his account saying the rules would be changed, writing: “The policy will be adjusted to only suspend accounts if that account's primary purpose is to promote competitors, which is effectively covered by the no-spam rule.”

Sites on the “banned social media” list include: Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon, Truth Social, Tribel, Post, and Nostr.
The fiasco began on December 18, when the Twitter helpdesk – the official page – posted three tweets outlining the new policy.

Under the new rules, posts promoting alternative social media platforms, either in tweets or profile bios, will be suspended or potentially removed.

The previously deleted and more restrictive tweets implied that any content linking to the banned social media site would be dealt with.

Twitter founder Dorsey, who initially backed Musk's Twitter purchase, responded to a series of tweets with a simple question: ” Why?”

Whistleblower Edward Snowden publicly supported Balaji Srinivasan, whose account was suspended under the new policy.

“This is a bad policy and should be repealed,” Snowden said. Musk soon announced that the account would be reinstated.

Musk has been posting so-called “Twitter files” in recent weeks, revealing how the site interacted with the US government before he bought the network. The first installment was linked to the Hunter Biden saga and efforts to remove his photos from the website.

In the second installment, published again by journalist Matt Tybee, it was revealed that the FBI had pressed the social media giant's executives to provide them with information about how they keep the Internet safe.

The released emails show former Twitter censor Yoel Roth feared the FBI was breaking the law to help US intelligence get involved in domestic operations after receiving inquiries from agent Elvis Chan. FBI officials even asked Twitter to identify the locations from which some of the accounts were operated, raising concerns that it was an attack on First Amendment freedom of speech.

The FBI responded to Tybee with a statement saying, “The FBI regularly engages with private sector entities to provide information pertaining to identified actors of malicious foreign influence, subversive, undeclared, clandestine, or criminal activity.”

Since the purchase of the web website, Musk hailed it as a bastion of free speech and tried to entice people previously blocked from the website to return to it.

In November, he proposed to Donald Trump, who was blocked from Twitter in January 2021 after the uprising in US Capitol.

Shortly after acquiring Twitter, Musk announced that he had reinstated Trump's account, which had over 88.9 million followers when it was suspended.

However, Trump turned down his offer, prompting a series of Musk posts in which he criticized him for refusing. One post featured a photo of a monk with the words “Donald Trump” turned away from a woman with the Twitter logo posing provocatively in front of him, suggesting that the former president was trying to resist the temptation to reunite.

Another image was draws a disheveled character from Family Guy, also labeled “Donald Trump”, being tempted by a bottle of pills marked “His restored Twitter account.”

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  • On October 28, American billionaire Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk officially took over the acquired microblogging company Twitter after completing a $44 billion purchase.
  • Elon Musk wanted to take money for a blue tick on Twitter.
  • With the advent of paid ticks on Twitter, there was a boom in fake accounts: people began to copy the profiles of celebrities, including the new owner of the social network Elon Musk, and write absurd tweets.
  • After the innovation th Musk, many famous people and large companies took these changes with hostility and began to massively delete their accounts from Twitter and look for alternatives. Also, employees of the company began to quit en masse.