Elon Musk launches a poll on Twitter to restore the account to Donald Trump

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Elon Musk launches Twitter poll to restore Donald Trump's account

Elon Musk lives in his particular bubble. He doesn't care, or at least pretends he doesn't mind, that hundreds of Twitter employees resigned en masse this Thursday after refusing to accept the company's new corporate culture, which translates into working conditions. harder. Or that someone trolled the facade of the company's headquarters in San Francisco with a string of insults and labels towards the aúpa tycoon.

Before this, the employer fired his wife. Half of the workforce was replaced at the beginning of November and he implemented the new technology. a verified account payment plan that resulted in a wave of impostors. Despite carrying these slabs, the tycoon continues to do his thing, convinced of building a “groundbreaking Twitter 2.0 “. His latest occurrence came to light this Saturday: he published a survey to restore the account of the former president of the United States , Donald Trump. Hours before, He argued that he wants to allow hate messages, but that they be seen less.

“Voice of the people, voice of God”

The profile of the ex-president&nbsp ;was  suspended by the company's previous management after the assault on the Capitolon January 6, 2021, after concluding that there was a risk of “inciting violence.” Now Musk leaves it up to the users of the social network to restore the account or not. When you bought the company for 41,000 million euros, already said that its objective was to give “power to the people”.

He maintains this line, since this Saturday he launched the vote under the words “Vox Populi, Vox Dei“(voice of the people, voice of God, in Spanish). Be that as it may, the poll adds up to seven million votes in less than six hours and yes wins >: 53.6% of users want Trump to return to Twitter, according to the results of the 9 a.m.

The vote, like all those that the social network allows, lasts It will last 24 hours and will end at 02:00 this Sunday, peninsular time. Then we will see what the next step for Musk is.

“Freedom of broadcast, but not reach”

Despite firing and losing Three-quarters of the 7,500-employee staff, in charge, among other things, of managing the moderation of comments, Musk has once again brought up the subject of content >. He wants Twitter 2.0 to have “freedom of broadcast, but not reach.”

In other words, you want to allow hate messages, but see them less. However, these words –in the form of a tweet– have been made without taking into account the advisory council that pondered the content that he said he was going to create. Specifically, he assured It stated that “negative and hateful tweets will be minimized and demonetized, so there will be no ads or other income for Twitter.”