Elon Musk reactivates the Twitter accounts of journalists who had been critical of his management

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Elon Musk reactivates the Twitter accounts of journalists who had been critical of his management

Elon Musk keeps stumbling on Twitter. After suspending this Thursday the account of more than half a dozen journalists who cover the billionaire's activity with the alleged argument of having “violated the rules” of the social network, the tycoon has changed his mind . This Friday night he announced He said that it would reset the profiles, though he didn't clarify why. I wonder if it will also restore them. the posts that were deleted from those accounts.

Among the suspended accounts are renowned journalists from 'The New York Times'CNN, 'The Washington Post', 'The Intercept', 'Mashable' or ' Voice of America', as well as as other independent reporters tasked with reporting on Twitter and on Musk. The tycoon accused them of of revealing his location and thus endangering his family.

In this sense, the company has already suspended the On Wednesday, a bot account was tracking the billionaire's Musk plane in real time. Musk justified this. The decision was made because the vehicle carrying one of his sons through Los Angeles was chased by a “crazy stalker,” an incident that appeared to have been a crime. attributed to monitoring his private jet. Some journalists reported on the case, also through tweets that linked to the @elonjet account. Musk accused them of to publish “the coordinates that would allow a murder“.

Ruled following social media poll result

“The people have spoken. Accounts that gave away my location will now be suspended” , the tycoon tweeted late this morning, after the commotion caused by his decision. As he already did with the account of former President Donald Trump, Musk had launched a poll on Twitterin which he asked He asked users if he should re-enable the accounts now or in a week. Almost 59% of the 3.69 million participants voted to do so immediately.

Warnings from the EU and UN

In a live forum hosted Friday on Twitter, Musk offered no comment. evidence on the denunciations of him and affirmed & oacute; He told some of the affected journalists — who were able to participate in the platform's discussion spaces — that they were not going to receive special treatment for being reporters. That which, when he bought the social network promised He became a haven for freedom of expression. However, his actions go in another direction.

The tycoon sparked a riot. Outrage and warnings from the European Union and the United Nations after suspending the accounts. United Nations Assistant Secretary General for Global Communications Melissa Fleming declared that “press freedom is not a toy.” In addition, he added: “A free press is the cornerstone of democratic societies and a key tool in the fight against harmful misinformation”