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Elon Musk thinks Tesla's robot can take care of your children

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If Tesla is best known for its electric vehicles, the American company has other projects, including the humanoid robot called Optimus. At the end of 2023, the company made a good impression by unveiling the latest version of this robot, the Optimus Gen 2.

As we mentioned in a previous article, compared to previous versions, this new robot has made significant progress in terms of motor skills and intelligence. Furthermore, marketing as well as potential uses are now regularly mentioned by Elon Musk.

A future babysitter robot?

On its website, Tesla presents its robot as a product designed to perform unsafe, repetitive or boring tasks. And the manufacturer is not only planning to offer Optimus for industrial applications, but would also like to make it a domestic robot that could even babysit.

In June, when From a meeting with Tesla investors, Elon Musk explained that Optimus will be a multi-purpose robot that can do whatever you want it to do. “He can be your companion, he can be at your house, he can somehow babysit your children. He can teach, a great teacher. He can do factory stuff,” declared the CEO of Tesla during this meeting.

In factories from the end of 2025 ?

In any case, Optimus should not be available this year, since Tesla still needs to improve its robot. However, in April, Musk said that by the end of 2025, Tesla's robot could be commercialized and perform tasks in factories. Moreover, Tesla has already started using the robot on its own installations.

In a publication in June, Tesla indicated that it had deployed two Optimus robots that perform factory tasks autonomously. For Elon Musk, this is an important project, because robots could become an important source of revenue for Tesla. Indeed, the CEO thinks that everyone will want to own a robot, and the uses in the industry will be numerous. Musk even thinks that robots could outweigh electric vehicles within Tesla.

  • Tesla continues to improve its Optimus robot, a new version of which was presented at the end of 2023
  • According to Elon Musk, it will be a very versatile robot that can even babysit or teach
  • And, of course, it will be able to carry out tasks in factories
  • Moreover, Tesla has already deployed two Optimus robots which work autonomously in its facilities
  • At the moment, it is not known when this robot will be commercialized, but Musk thinks that Tesla could start selling it, for factory work, by the end of 2025
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