Elon Musk's father criticized his appearance and personal life and said that he was not proud of him: “I perceive him as a boy”


    Elon Musk's father criticized his appearance and personal life and said he was not proud of him:

    Elon Musk

    Errol Musk, father of the founder of Tesla and SpaceX and the richest man on the planet, Elon Musk, gave an interview to the Australian radio show Kyle and Jackie O, in which he criticized his famous son and said that he was not proud of him. According to Errol, Elon is five years behind in his career achievements.

    Elon is not as happy as he would like because he feels he is behind schedule. Where he is now… He would have liked to have been there five years ago. He is disappointed with the progress,

    — noted the 76-year-old father of the founder of Tesla and SpaceX.

    Errol also hinted that Elon's achievements did not appear from scratch.

    Our family has always been doing something. It's not that we suddenly started doing something and all of a sudden succeeded.

    At the same time, Errol admitted that Elon still “exceeded his expectations”.

    Commenting on recent vacation photos of Elon Musk, where he was captured in swimming trunks on a yacht off the coast of Mykonos, Errol made it clear that his son needs to go on a diet.

    Elon is very strong physique, but he does not eat well,


    — said Musk Sr., recommending that his son start taking dietary supplements for weight loss.

    If Errol criticized Ilona, ​​then, on the contrary, he praised his younger brother Kimbal. Errol called him his “pride and joy”. Kimbal is engaged in the restaurant business, as well as investments in startups, his fortune is estimated at $ 700 million. Elon Musk's fortune is now estimated at $ 270 billion, which makes him the richest person on Earth.

    Errol criticized his son's personal life. According to his father, Elon will never find a woman who can fully devote herself to him. As an example, he again cited Kimbal, whose wife focused on the family, despite a decent education and decent career prospects.

    He is already 50, and I still perceive him as a boy. But he is 50, and in fact he is already an old man,

    — his father said about Ilona.

    Ilon's personal life is developing very rapidly: he has nine children from four women.

    Elon Musk's father criticized his appearance and personal life and said that he was not proud of him:

    Errol Musk

    Errol also boasted that he had a very solid fleet of cars, including Bentleys, Rolls-Royce and Mercedes-Benz, but not a single Tesla. The billionaire's father said that he does not receive financial assistance from him.

    We are a very thrifty and stingy family. If I want to spend something, then I have to answer 100 questions why. Elon lives very modestly. He's at work at six in the morning,

    — Errol said.

    Elon Musk's relationship with his father is not going well. In an interview, the entrepreneur spoke negatively about him, and a few years ago Errol's romance with his stepdaughter and half-sister Ilona Yana Bezuidenhout also brought discord in relations. Errol and Yana have two children. In an interview, he also noted that he considers these relationships “perfectly normal”.


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