'Elvis' star found dead in her apartment


    Elvis star found dead in her own apartment

    Singer and actress Shonka Doukure was found dead in her apartment in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

    Shonka Doukure played singer Will Mae Thornton aka Big Mama in director Baz Luhrmann's recent wide release Elvis.

    Dukure was found dead on Thursday, July 21, in her own Nashville apartment, where she lived with her two young children. She was 44 years old.

    At the scene, the police found no signs of violent death, writes CNN. The circumstances of the tragedy are being investigated.

    Note that the role of Will May Thornton in the biopic “Elvis” was Shonka Doukure's first major film role. She recorded the soundtrack for the tape, and also starred in the music video for the Vegas track by Doja Cat, which is also the soundtrack to Elvis.

    Elvis star found dead in her own apartmentElvis movie star


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