Elżbieta Dmoch was once a legend in the team Dwa Plus One. How is it alive now

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She won the hearts of Polish music lovers 40 years ago.

 Elżbieta Dmoch used to be a legend in the team Dwa Plus One. How live now

Acting dynamically in the well-known team Dwa Plus One, she became part of a huge hit factory, wśr & oacute ; d which we can recognize the song “Elevator do heaven”, which became the band's visit.

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Her love story with a man who abandoned his wife and children for her, and his infidelity and the enormous shock the artist suffered upon learning about his betrayals are widely described in tabloids.

Great love and great disappointment

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Love of her life, unfaithful to his wives, Janusz Kruk loved parties that he did not shy away from. He liked the flask, the company of other women and the parties organized in Warsaw's Sadyba in a similar way to his many friends.

Elizabeth tried to adapt to her beloved's temperament, although her disposition was shy and quiet. According to the stories of the couple's friends, when the singer found out about the betrayals of Janusz Kruk, she turned pale, fell on the couch, where she spent the next few hours motionless. Apparently she suffered a shock that strongly influenced her psyche and further life.

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an attempt to return to music and to the stage. After her divorce from her husband and his death, the singer has never gotten up to anyone else.

Sometimes I hang out with the fans and I know they want it. But that's out of the question. I never go back to singing. It's a closed chapter. I have lost my love for music and people have nothing to do with it. It is good as it is. I do not like to feel sorry – she confessed in one of the interviews “the star”.

Today, on September 29, 2022, the artist is celebrating her 71st birthday. We wish Ms Ela peace and relief!

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