Emilia Clarke opens up about undergoing brain surgery: 'There's no point in thinking about what might not be there'


    Emilia Clarke spoke about her brain surgery experience:

    Emilia Clarke

    Emilia Clarke spoke to the Daily Mail about her brain surgery she underwent in 2013 while filming Game of Thrones “.

    For the first time, the disease made itself felt at the very beginning of work on the series: in 2011, her first aneurysm burst, which led to a stroke — this happened shortly after filming the first episode of Game of Thrones. Two years later, the problem returned again: in 2013, a medical examination showed that the aneurysm had become twice as large. In this regard, the actress needed brain surgery.

    Emilia herself believes that she was lucky: she was among the people who survived and did not face dire consequences. So, the actress notes that she has an excellent memory, which she constantly trains. I can play for two and a half hours every day and not forget a line. I have always had a good memory as this is a very important skill for an actor. And I constantly check it.

    After the operation, the actress began to feel differently: You begin to see many perspectives. Some part of my brain is no longer used. It always makes me laugh. Clarke noted that she had stopped thinking about what exactly was going on in her brain, because she considered it meaningless. 

    There is no point in puzzling over what might not be there. Especially if what you have now is great.

    Emilia previously admitted in an interview that after a stroke she began to be afraid of losing her job.

    I was just afraid that I would be fired, and tried to prove that I was still the same Emilia as before. Then I had no idea that the creators of the show would treat me with such understanding and care.

    Now Emilia Clarke helps those who also have this disease: she opened a charity called SameYou, which provides assistance to people who have experienced a stroke.


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