Emilio Bonifacio and his contributions to Licey off the pitch

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  • Emilio Bonifacio and his contributions to Licey off the pitch

    Emilio Bonifacio, a veteran Licey player, poses with several members of the editorial staff. n of the Listín Diario.

Emilio Bonifacio was someone else who culminated in his career. The campaign with nine triples and swept the field. He held most of the offensive leaders in the Round Robin with the Licey jersey.
He is the one who enforces his status as captain “to the letter” eros they do not lack anything in the clubhouse, that there are no problems with the parking lots among many other aspects.
And Ricardo Ravelo, president of the team, recognizes and appreciates the fact that Bonifacio asks on behalf of his teammates, more so when the team performs at a good level, as occurred in the past. in the finished tournament.
“Sometimes we ask and beg him to worry more about his actions on the field, than the other is in charge of the board, but the veteran of 15 campaigns in the League does not calm down until he observes some situations “resolved,” said Ravelo, who together with the player and Ildefonso Ureña, Director of Communications at the Licey, paid a visit, with a trophy in hand, to the Listín Diario newsroom, where they were received by an avalanche of journalists and office employees, who upon noticing made the flashes vibrate.
“I have to worry about the boys, that is one of my functions, that they feel comfortable, because with greater love they will go out on the field to give everything for the team,” said Boni, whose 13 scored and pushed , three triples and five doubles were the most in the All Against All this year. The most important thing is to win and if the boys are comfortable, the chances of achieving it will be much greater,” said Bonifacio.
He has been so attentive to his teammates that on occasions he has bought He spent his own money a few things missing, like he recently did with a heater he bought.
“With his form and dedication, he makes his 27 teammates much better players and we have fully verified this at the Licey,” aware of everything. 
“What if the water is cold? Is it heating up, what if the jacuzzi is hot? punctured, that if there are problems with the parking lots & rdquo;, are some of the things that go through his head at the same moment that he needs to concentrate on the game of the day. 

I would not like to go
to fill a space

While the president of the Licey understands that Bonifacio should be called up to the World Classic, the player would like it if he is called up to occupy a position utility position on team.
“I would never like to be included just so that my name appears there, nor be one more, if that happens I would like to be a role-playing player,” said the outfielder after talking with Héctor J. Cruz , Sports Editor and Pedro G. Bricéno, editor at the Café Deportivo de Listín Diario.

Eldest son who loves soccer, not baseball
Bonifacio has two children, Emil, 11 years and  Gael is seven years old, but the eldest is a soccer lover, not baseball like his father and his uncle Jorge.
“Nothing, as a father I didn't want to influence his tastes, I He loves soccer so much that in the past he asked me to set the alarm to wake him up at six in the morning, because at that time there was a match of his interest,” says the veteran.
In addition, he expressed that if he had preferred baseball, perhaps he would not return to the stadium the day after having gone 0-for-4, for example.

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