Emily in Paris season 3: super exciting first images (not) for the Netflix series

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After two beloved and hated seasons, Emily in Paris is back on Netflix for Season 3, which has just been unveiled in pictures.< /strong>

There are Netflix hits that we manage to explain very well and the Darren Star series Emily in Parisis clearly part of it. Full of clich├ęs, silly and very funny in spite of itself, we let ourselves be fooled by the first season of this series tailor-made to annoy the French. But, past the excitement of discovering a Lily Collins both amazed and disappointed by the capital, season 2 of Emily in Paris turned out to be only a narrative desert.


In any case, love it or hate it, one thing is certain, we love to hate it and that's it well, since Emily in ParisSeason 3 is well on its way to (again) pissing us off. After the big hit that was season 2, which proudly settled into the Netflix Top 10 in 94 different countries just a week after its launch, it was obviously unthinkable that the platform would not try to repeat the experience. .

Fans, who therefore exist in large numbers, will therefore be delighted to discover the first images of the new season on which Emily the fake Frenchie still seems so annoying and which, above all, put an end to the suspense concerning the future of the influencer. Between going back to the United States or staying in the French capital, Emily has made her choice: she will stay in Paris (surprisingly).

While l 'American always in love with her Gabriel(see the end of season 2), a new image showing her alongside Alfie, the handsome Englishman played by Lucien Laviscount, suggests that she finally fell back on him, Gabriel having returned to Camille's arms . As one might suspect, Emily and Gabriel still seem to be quite hooked. Mindy will also be back and hopefully she's dropped the music.

Let's be honest, the quality of Emily in Paris lies above all in a supporting role, that of the fabulous Sylvieplayed by Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, a sort of French alter ego of Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada. If these new images reveal her alongside her henchmen Julien and Luc, another on which she seems to be angry with Emily, as usual, suggests that she will still be well up against the American and That's the good news. We are eagerly awaiting its spin-off.

French actors Bruno Gouery, Samuel Arnold, Camille Razat and Lucas Bravo will reprise their roles, as will Ashley Park. A new kid will join the team, Valentin Duclaux, a young Frenchman who starred in Plus belle la vie and in the movieLes Segpa.

We are therefore impatiently awaiting the trailer for season 3 of Emily in Paris, which should soon arrive on Netflix , maybe in the month of December, as for season 2.

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