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Emmanuel Macron in Israelë l, for what purpose? A high-risk trip

According to a press release From the Elysée, Emmanuel Macron plans to discuss the creation of a Palestinian state and the end of colonization during his visit to Israel on Tuesday October 24.

Two weeks after the Hamas attack on Israel, which has since spawned numerous responses from the Jewish state on the Gaza Strip, thus sparking a sharp increase in tensions in the Middle East, but also abroad. across the world, Emmanuel Macron is expected on Tuesday October 24, 2023 in Israel. A trip to Tel-Aviv which will be particularly scrutinized while the war between Israel and Hamas is not without consequences in France.

Since the start of the conflict, skirmishes between women and politicians have continued to multiply, as evidenced by the one between Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Mélenchon. Yaël Braun-Pivet this Monday. Likewise, almost everywhere in the streets of the country, demonstrations in favor of the different camps were also held. organized in number. All in a context of insecurity. growing, marked by the attack on Arras and the attack on Brussels which led the authorities to take action. put France back in a state of attack emergency.

Let us also note that Emmanuel Macron will have to, during this trip to Israel, take care of the different parties in order not to offend any of his partners. internationally, the United States defending, for example, the interests of the Hebrew state while the states of the Middle East and the Maghreb are rather acquired from scratch. the Palestinian cause.

Emmanuel Macron wants to discuss the creation of a Palestinian state

So, concretely, what to expect from Emmanuel Macron's visit to Israel? Monday evening, the Lysée gave a performance a little preview, revealing in particular that the President of the French Republic will call on Tuesday the  "resumption of a genuine peace process". If Emmanuel Macron intends to express solidarity of Paris with Israel and the French of Israel, the head of state also wishes to discuss the creation of a Palestinian state, à next to it of the Jewish state.

The creation of a Palestinian state would also imply “an end to colonization”. in the West Bank, said the presidential palace. "The only way to be useful is: 1- To bring solidarity to the community. à Israel. 2- Make very clear commitments against terrorist groups. 3- Reopen a political perspective,” lists the Lysée in its press release. 

À Note that the issue of French hostages held by Hamas should also be addressed during Emmanuel Macron's visit to Israel. Visit during which the head of state is due to meet with the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. As a reminder, To date, seven French nationals are possibly being held by Hamas. However, "young Mia Shem is the only one whose hostage status is confirmed". Emmanuel Macron, however, regularly promises the families of French hostages that Paris will do everything “so that they return safe and sound.”

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