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Emmanuel Macron's speech on Israel: release of hostages, position of Paris, unity of the French... What to remember

After having spoken to Israel At midday with the party leaders, Emmanuel Macron spoke at the meeting. 20 hours to discuss the situation in Israel, five days after Hamas' surprise attack against the Jewish state.

President Emmanuel Macron spoke about Thursday October 12, 2023, at 8 p.m., to report on France's position on the conflict in the Middle East and the latest information concerning French victims and hostages. From the outset, Emmanuel Macron estimated that that “Israel experienced the most tragic terrorist attack in its history on Saturday”, clearly recalling Paris' position on Hamas, “a terrorist movement which seeks above all the destruction and death of people of Israel. And the head of state banged his fist on the table, while several members of the La France Insoumise party recently showed themselves to be ambiguous about Hamas: "He cannot have 'yes, but' in the face of terrorism."

The President of the Republic added by affirming that it is not a question of “a war between Israelis and Palestinians, but between a terrorist group and a corporation “summer, democratic values”. As a result, Emmanuel Macron declared that "Israel has the right to defend itself by eliminating Hamas through targeted actions, but by preserving civilian populations because that is where it exists. “the duty of democracies”, he however tempered.

Emmanuel Macron then addressed a section dedicated to to the French victims of the Hamas attack. He announced a thirteenth death. And while 17 French people are still missing, including four children, probably taken hostage by Hamas, the President of the Republic assured that everything is done "so that the hostages are freed". "France is doing everything possible alongside the Israeli authorities and with our partners to bring them back safely to their homes," Emmanuel Macron.

The position of Paris in this conflict has also been recalled by the head of state. "We cannot resolve to accept this. “an endless war”, posed Emmanuel Macron, believing that"the conditions for lasting peace are known: an essential guarantee is needed for the security of the world. of Israel and we need a Palestinian state, this is the line that France continues to defend. Finally, the president concluded his speech by calling on the French to take action. "stay united as a nation and as a Republic". "Let us not add national fractures to international fractures by illusion or by calculation and let us not give in to anything in the face of international divides. any form of hatred,” pleaded Emmanuel Macron, who nevertheless warned “the bearers of hatred”, assuring that the Republic would be “ruthless” with them.

"Special flights", aid to the Palestinians… What Macron said to party leaders earlier this Thursday

Before delivering his speech, the head of state received from At midday, this Thursday, October 12, the presidents of the main political parties. The opportunity for Emmanuel Macron to respond to the concern of all party leaders over the French hostages. "We have started discussions" with intermediaries such as Qatar and Egypt, has it been possible? announced, as revealed by RTL and Le Figaro. Because the position of Paris remains the same as usual, namely: not to negotiate with terrorists. An announcement which should be well received by the relatives of the French hostages, several members of their family having publicly called for help. Emmanuel Macron at; "intervene" in this file this Thursday.

Concerning the 200,000 French people still present in Israel, and while only one repatriation flight was until then available. planned, the President of the Republic announced than other "special flights" will be organized on Friday and Saturday and that military means could even be used to repatriate those who wish. The head of state also announced that: the upcoming organization of a debate without a vote on this war in Parliament. Finally, regarding aid for destination of the Palestinians, Emmanuel Macron made it known that Paris did not intend to suspend them, but rather opted for more diligent control.

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