Empty threats. Russia will stay on the ISS until it builds its station


    Empty threats. Russia will remain on the ISS until it builds its own station

    The Russian Federation will send its astronauts to the orbital station for many more years.

    Russia does not seem to be withdrawing from cooperation on the ISS yet. At least NASA did not receive any official notification that the Russian Federation would leave the station in 2 years. And secondly, the head of the flight of the Russian segment of the ISS said that Russia will not leave the ISS until it puts its space station into operation, and this will definitely not happen in 2024, according to Space.

    The new head of Roskosmos , as Focus already wrote, on July 26 announced that Russia would leave the ISS after 2024. But before that, the country will fulfill all obligations to its partners in the station. It was a rather vague statement about the date of the planned exit from cooperation on the orbital station. Therefore, most likely the Russian Federation will remain on the ISS until at least 2028, until its own space station ROSS, the Russian Orbital Service Station, is put into operation.

    The former head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, as already wrote Focus, said earlier this year that the first module of the station would be launched as early as 2025 and even showed what the Russian orbital station would look like.

    As for Borisov's statement, according to Katie Lüders, who heads NASA's manned missions, the space agency has not received any official notification from the Russian Federation about the termination of cooperation on the ISS in 2024.

    According to Lueders, she contacted representatives of Roskosmos immediately after Borisov's statement, and she did not receive any information that would indicate the imminent withdrawal of the Russian Federation from the ISS. Russian officials have told NASA that Roscosmos is willing to continue the partnership in orbit as Russia is now working on building and launching its ROSS station.

    “Nothing has changed between NASA and Roscosmos,” Lueders said.

     Empty threats. Russia will remain on the ISS until it builds its own station

    So far, there is no formal agreement to extend Russia's participation in the ISS project after 2024. But representatives of NASA, Roscosmos and the European Space Agency want to discuss this issue in the coming days.

    At the same time, ISS Russian Segment Flight Director and RSC Energia General Designer Vladmir Solovyov, in an interview published after Borisov's statement, said that a hasty departure from the ISS would be a bad move for Russia. RSC Energia is just in the process of creating modules for the future space station of the Russian Federation – ROSS.

    According to Solovyov, the ROSS space station will be fully assembled in orbit sometime in 2028. Until then, Russia needs to continue cooperation with other countries on the ISS.

    “If Russia withdraws from the ISS project and stops flights for several years, it will be very difficult to catch up and restore the results achieved in the past,” he said. Solovyov.

    Russia has constantly threatened NASA that it will withdraw from the ISS project from the very beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and because of the subsequent sanctions imposed by Western countries on the Russian Federation.

    As Focus already wrote, after Yuri Borisov announced that the Russian Federation was leaving the ISS, the head of SpaceX reacted to this message in an original way, leaving a comment on Twitter: “Happy journey”.


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