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End of a historic strike in Hollywood: everything you need to know

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118 days, and the record for the longest actors' strike against the studios in Hollywood history. The conflict ended this Wednesday after the SAG-AFTRA union approved a hard-fought agreement. The latter still has to be approved by the National Council of this organization on Friday, but there is almost no doubt.

What did the actors get?

Although we do not know all the details of this negotiation, the actors seem to have won all of their demands. Thus, they ensure a salary increase of 7% (compared to 5% for screenwriters).

Protections against the use of artificial intelligence are also established. Again, we don't have more information on this, but it's an important aspect that worries a lot in Hollywood and the rest of the world.

Finally, a broadcast participation bonus is introduced. The latter concerns in particular streaming platforms which paid little or no image rights to actors, once the broadcast of a program had started.

Quoted by Variety, the SAG-AFRTRA union triumphs: “We have reached a contract that will allow members of all categories to build lasting careers. Thousands of performers, now and in the future, will benefit from this work.”

Filming will resume

For the general public, this is also good news. Indeed, this social conflict led to the sudden halt of most filming. We think in particular of Stranger Things, Deadpool 3, or even Venom 3. These will resume well, and it is still a little early to say, but delays are clearly to be expected in the release dates.

This did not escape the notice of the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, the organization that represents all studios and streaming platforms, which rejoiced: “L& #8217;AMPTP is pleased to have reached an agreement in principle and looks forward to the industry getting back to work telling big stories..

The end of the strike will also allow these companies to better promote their upcoming films and series. Indeed, the actors will be present to sell these new productions, and this represents an additional advantage in convincing the public. While box office results tend to decline, the entertainment giants are clearly not going to shy away from their pleasure.

This agreement is finally a relief for the American economy. Experts from the Milken Institute estimate the impact of the mobilization at $6 billion.

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