End of certain bonuses: nurses' income will decrease in two weeks

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End of certain bonuses: nurses' income will decrease in two weeks

The Quebec Interprofessional Health Federation fears that the end of bonuses will worsen the shortage of nurses.

Quebec nurses will see their income drop in two weeks, if nothing changes by then. Three premiums will indeed expire on March 30, including one of 3.5% for all healthcare professionals. This bonus had been obtained during the last negotiation of the collective agreements.

The other two bonuses, a 4% evening bonus and a 2.5% night bonus, for those working full-time in the 24/7 centres, will also expire on the same date.

These bonuses will not continue as salaries do when the collective agreement expires on March 31.

Just the 3.5% bonus, c& #x27;is perhaps around $ 5,000 per year per healthcare professional, depending on the level at which she is, said in an interview Thursday the president of the Interprofessional Health Federation (FIQ), Julie Bouchard.

It was a bonus that was very interesting. It affected all healthcare professionals, therefore nurses, nursing assistants, respiratory therapists and clinical perfusionists. And it was according to the days worked, insists the union leader.

She says she fears the repercussions of this reduction in income, while Quebec is precisely trying to keep nurses in the public network, or even to bring back those of the private sector.

What's more, Quebec rightly claims that it is the evening and night shifts that are particularly difficult to fill.

What is likely to happen is to see a vacuum, precisely, of healthcare professionals who, instead of remaining in positions with unfavorable shifts, will want to go to day positions. It could create an even bigger hole than it is now, argued Ms. Bouchard.

The President of the FIQ finds it inconceivable that we need to have these discussions with the Government of Quebec in the midst of a shortage of nurses, while they are still leaving the public network for the private sector, where they get better working conditions.

This is really not the time to go and play in this remuneration. Already the work is extremely difficult… It's like a disavowal of healthcare professionals, deplored Ms. Bouchard.

Contacted, the office of the Minister of Health and Social Services, Christian Dubé, directed The Canadian Press to the Treasury Board.

In turn, the office of Treasury Board President Sonia LeBel, n&# x27;did not deny the information. He said that these are bonuses negotiated and discussed with the unions.

As we are in negotiation, we will not comment further, added the minister's office.

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