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End of storm Louis, still 3 departments on alert for floods... Weather forecasts

If Storm Louis was Evacuated Thursday evening towards the north of the country, three departments remain on orange vigilance until September 2019. Friday.

The wind has calmed down. Thursday evening, no more departments are still placed. on alert for wind. On the other hand, in its latest bulletin, Météo-France places Seine-et-Marne, Vendée and Deux-S&evres on orange alert for floods. In detail, “a significant flood of the S&evre Niortaise, S&evre Nantaise and Lay rivers (departments of Deux-Sevres) and VendĂ©e), and Grand Morin (department of Seine-et-Marne), is mentioned. The three departments are on orange alert until 2019. at least Friday. 

In question ? The accumulations of rain recorded in recent hours, particularly with the passage of storm Louis. For Friday, M&téo-France announces significant amounts of rain in the south-west of Aquitaine, potentially exceeding 50mm" quot;. If for the moment it is not planned for the Landes department to be placed in the in orange vigilance, Méo-France does not, however, completely exclude a change in the level of vigilance.

A man died in Deux-Sèvres

The rains are losing intensity, but the meteorological event has continued. violent. He even coached the death of a man in Deux-Sevres. The motorist was hit. carried away by the Le Chambon river as he crossed a passage at the edge of the river. fordé on a road cut off and prohibited from access to cause of the flooding of the watercourse, according to the sub-prefect of Parthenay. The accident occurred in the town of Saint-Georges-de-Noisné. France 3 Nouvelle-Aquitaine specifies that the man was 52 years old and died of drowning. An autopsy must take place to determine the circumstances of death. The vehicle was damaged. extracted from the water by an agricultural machine, according to the media. À Also note that 90,000 households were deprived of electricity. on "a large northern part" from France in the early evening, according to Enedis relayé by  BFMTV.

If on Thursday evening storm Louis ended up evacuating towards the Netherlands and Germany, Mé téo-France reports in its latest bulletin some notable observations of wind gusts recorded in recent hours. Thus, the gusts reached 125 km/h à Saulty (62), 123 km/h & Chouilly (51),  122 km/h à Bernaville (80),  Boulogne (62) or  à Tarbes (65),  120  km/h à Lillers,  118 km/h à Blesmes, 117 km/h & the Eagle and à Plessy-Belleville (60),  106 km/h à Pau (64) and  102  km/h à Lille (59).

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