End of support: These two Fritz boxes will be hit next

End of support: These two Fritz boxes will be hit next

End of support: These two Fritz boxes will be hit next

AVM refers to the next dates for the end of support for further Fritz models. The plan is to phase out support for the FritzBox 6590 Cable at the end of the year, after which there will be no more updates. The FritzBox 7580 follows a short time later.

AVM divides the end of support into two parts: On the one hand, the planned end of the provision of updates and patches, which is referred to as End of Maintenance or EOM for short. On the other hand, there is the “EOS – End of Support”, whereby AVM will no longer offer repairs / spare parts from the EOS date. The end of the software updates always comes first. Next up are the dates for the FritzBox 7580 and for the FritzBox 6590 Cable:
The next Fritz boxes are on the end-of-support list

End of Maintenance

    FritzBox 7580 06/30/2021
    FritzBox 6590 Cable 31.12.2020

End of Support

    FritzBox 7580 11/30/2022
    FritzBox 6590 Cable 30.06.2021

Caschy had drawn attention to this on his blog, as the end is now approaching for the next router. AVM is currently in the process of releasing a number of software updates before the Christmas break. We reported some time ago about the upcoming date for the FritzBox 6590 Cable. A list of all the important dates for the expiring support is available on the AVM website.
The fact that support for the FritzBox 6590 Cable has already been discontinued surprised users some time ago, because the router is not that old yet. The company is sticking to the planned dates: The “End of Maintenance” (EOM) date is December 31, 2020. Then there will be no further updates for the router. This is followed by another six months until the official “End of Support” (EOS) date is on June 30th, 2021. Then AVM also sets the hardware support.

Number of users unknown

The successor, the 6591 Cable, is the much more popular version with providers. Although there are no official figures on this, there are many indications that the user base is not that large.

What about the 5-year guarantee?

FritzBox owners, however, do not find the decision to be very popular: although electronics markets offer an inexpensive 5-year guarantee for the router as an extra insurance, the manufacturer is now pushing the devices to the scrap heap. So you can no longer expect support from AVM – neither in the event of hardware damage nor will there be security updates. In the event of a warranty claim, however, the insurance companies offer alternatives for warranty extensions, such as equivalent replacement devices.

End of support: These two Fritz boxes will be hit next

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End of support: These two Fritz boxes will be hit next

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