“End the war, rebuild the country”: Ukraine will not join the EU with a VIP pass, – French minister


    Clement Bon, representing France in the EU, stated that no accelerated procedure was envisaged for Ukraine. Despite widespread support.

    French authorities have stated that Ukraine's accession to the European Union may be delayed for years, once again confirming its position that Ukraine will not be able to become a member of the EU under the accelerated procedure, despite the broad support from European leaders. This is reported by CNN.

    Ukraine will have to adhere to strict rules, like any other candidate country, the French minister said ahead of a summit in Brussels, during which a possible granting of Ukraine the status of a candidate country will be discussed.

    “There is no fast track or VIP pass,” said French Minister Clement Bon, French delegate to the EU.

    “First they need to end the war, rebuild country, fulfill all democratic and economic requirements. It will take time. But we are signaling openness,” Bohn said.

    EU representatives on Thursday and Friday will discuss granting candidate EU membership status to such countries, like Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia.

    Last week, the European Commission supported the candidacy of Ukraine.

    In Brussels, its President Ursula von der Leyen made a statement that the European Commission recommends granting Ukraine candidate status . Provided that a number of necessary reforms will be carried out in the future.