Enemies diet: scientists have named the vegetables that prevent weight loss

Враги диеты: ученые назвали овощи, мешающие похудению

Despite the abundance of “wonderful diets”, the authors of which promise their followers freedom from extra pounds due to the extensive use of vegetables, not all such diets are useful.

Moreover, there are vegetables, from which it is better to give up losing weight people, because they impede the efficient normalization of body weight.

This is the conclusion reached by scientists at Harvard University, writes Planet Today.

So, in the course of the experiment, which lasted for twenty years, volunteers were divided into two groups, each of which has developed a special diet. One group ate a starch-rich vegetables, the other mostly green.

In the end, the results showed that the vegetables with high content of starch does not promote weight loss. While limited, their use is not dangerous, according to the authors of the experiment.

People on diets are advised to limit vegetables like potatoes, beans, corn and peas. Completely abandon them, the scientists suggest, but their share in the ration should be reviewed.

Spanish cardiologist Pablo Canepa was named the most dangerous for the heart foods and suggested diet that will allow you to minimize the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

which help to resist the coronavirus.

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