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Energy renovation scams are becoming more and more numerous< /p> © Roselyn Tirado © Unsplash

Energy renovation is a very serious subject, with the French State having a big role to play in improving thermal strainers, for ecological purposes, but also economically. Last September, we learned together how energy renovation and state aid in this regard have evolved in France, but scams are becoming more and more present in this area.

Keep your data warm

It's not just your home that needs to be kept warm, but also your personal data! Indeed, some malicious people use these in order toreceive the renovation bonus by making false invoices with the victims' data.

This results in two major problems. Not only do the crooks walk away with public money, but people who are victims of data theft will no longer be eligible for state aid from the MaPrimeRénov’ system.If you are the victim of this type of scam, you should not hesitate to file a complaint in order to possibly see your rights returned.

The scam of unscrupulous craftsmen

Remember you of the number of “company” created solely to scam you by trying to siphon off your CPF, the MaPrimeRénov’ systemalso comes with this kind of unscrupulous people. We all have in our friends or loved ones someone who wanted to take advantage of the previous 1 euro insulation system, which ended in a completely hazardous installation of random materials.

Energy renovation scams are becoming more and more numerous

© France Renov

This time, the most common scam practiced by certain craftsmen is the act ofdelivering the requested products without ever carrying out the installation, which allows unscrupulous craftsmen to receive the bonus while saving a lot of time, not to mention the non-existent labor force. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to carry out in-depth research on a craftsman before entrusting him with your renovation work. Don't sign anything or give any information if you feel something seems fishy. Like CPF scams, you must therefore be more than careful when it comes to your personal data.

  • After CPF scams, device scams MaPrimeRénov' are coming.
  • Scammers use owners' personal data to pocket public money, which leaves victims without state aid.< /li>
  • In order to avoid scams, it is essential to protect your personal data, and not to trust the first craftsman who comes along if you want to carry out an energy renovation.

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