Energy: Smith and Trudeau say they want to collaborate, but challenges persist

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Energy: Smith and Trudeau say they want to collaborate, but challenges persist

Danielle Smith had sent a letter to Justin Trudeau on January 27 asking to meet him in person.

Danielle Smith and Justin Trudeau had their first face to face, on the sidelines of the first ministers meeting on health transfers. During a brief speech, the two leaders said they wanted to collaborate on energy issues, but their ambitions differ in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

I I am happy to have the opportunity to talk about issues on which our interests agree and also issues on which we differ to see if we can find common ground, expressed the Alberta Premier from the outset.

[We want to talk] about the work we can do together to create good jobs for Albertans and build the solutions the world needs for years to come,” said Justin Trudeau.

We share goals on issues such as Indigenous health care, mental health and addictions, added Danielle Smith. But of course, I wrote a letter to the Prime Minister a few weeks ago expressing our concerns about major initiatives that were announced without proper consultation.

Danielle Smith later criticized the federal government's desire to cap greenhouse gas emissions from the oil sands. She also reiterated her concerns about the goal of eliminating all fossil fuels from the Canadian electrical grid.

Nearly 80% of Canada&#x27 ;Alberta comes from coal and natural gas.

The Premier also criticized, once again, Ottawa's just transition plan. Federal Minister of Natural Resources, Jonathan Wilkinson, has repeatedly stated that he now prefers the expression sustainable jobs to describe this strategy promised in 2019, but still not presented.