Energy voucher: how to use it before the end of March 2023?

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“Energy voucher: how to use it before the end of March 2023?”

Energy voucher: how to use it before the end of March 2023?

ENERGY CHECK. Last straight line to use your distributed energy voucher in 2022. There is now less than a month to make good use of it.

[Updated; day March 1st 2023   08h17] You have less than a month left to use your energy voucher delivered to you. in 2022. The deadline is March 31, 2023, afterwards, it will no longer have any value. This energy check can allow you to pay your energy bill (electricity, gas, fuel oil, wood, etc), your energy charges if you are housed in a residential accommodation APL, EHPAD, or EHPA, and finally, certain expenses related to energy renovation work in your home. The payment is automatic, no request on your part is necessary to benefit from it. The amount is between 48 and 277 euros. In 2023, the next energy voucherwill be distributed to from March 30, and usable until March 2024. In total, more than 5.8 million households can benefit from it. All the information needed to perform a simulation and determine your eligibility; are available just below.

How can I benefit from the energy check in 2023? Conditions

The payment of the (classic) energy check is made by department. The cheque 2023 will be sent automatically between 30 March 2023 and April 29, 2023depending on your department of residence.

The energy voucher is allocated each year, depending on your income and the composition of your household. It is sent to you, automatically, on the basis of the information transmitted by the tax services, and provided that you have carried out your income tax return within the deadlines set by the tax authorities. You must also live in accommodation subject to housing tax (even if you are exempt from it). You can also decide to "pre-assign" to your energy supplier. 

Can we make a simulation of the energy check?

To determine your eligibility to the energy voucher system, you can go to the dedicated site. to the energy check. There is no simulator in the strict sense of the term. On the other hand, we invite you to fill in your tax number to determine if you are eligible for the scheme. or not. If not, the following message will be displayed: “If you however believe that your household meets the income and composition requirements for benevolent energy check, or, if you are an approved operator; for housing in rental intermediation and you want to check the eligibility; of a household sublet to the energy check, you can nevertheless continue with the eligibility test". You will then be invited to to complete a questionnaire with three questions. 

What is the amount of the energy-voucher in 2023&nbsp ;?

The amount of the energy voucher depends on the resources and composition of your household. To determine this, the government has established a scale. Here is the scale that applies in 2022.

As you can see, a single person can receive an energy voucher for a maximum amount of  194 euros in 2023. Note that the energy check can be combined with the help of Ma Prime R nov, the device that replaces the tax credit for the energy transition (CITE). 

How to obtain the energy cheque? Request

You don't have to do anything; to do. The energy voucher is allocated automatically. In practice, it is the tax administration that sends the list of households eligible for tax. the Services and Payment Agency (ASP). The latter is in charge of editing and sending the check by post. Eligible households therefore receive it automatically, without having to register. fill out any form. There is therefore no need to contact the services in charge of the energy check if you are not eligible.

Assistance for the energy check can be reached on 0 805 204 805 (toll-free), Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. 8:00 p.m. "In case of heavy traffic, we recommend that you call in the morning from 8:00 a.m. " 9:00 a.m., or at the end of the day at from 5:00 p.m.", we warn you on the energy check website.

I have not received the energy check, what should I do? Complaint

Are you sure that you meet the conditions of the energy check, and yet there is no trace in your mail? In this case, contact the assistance, either via the contact form on the dedicated site, or by telephone. Bring your tax notice." your income with the tax services (even if your income is low or zero),” we remind you in the Frequently Asked Questions. "After having regularized your situation, you can apply for an energy voucher. your income for the following year, you will no longer be able to claim the benefit of the energy cheque".

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