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England - Fiji: the XV de la Rose joins the last square after a narrow success, the summary of the match

England will be there in the semi-finals of the Rugby World Cup 2023 after foiling the Fiji trap (30-24). The English are waiting for their opponent who will be France or South Africa.

England - Fiji: the XV de la Rose joins the last four after a success narrow, the summary of the match

England 30: 24

England - Fiji: the XV de la Rose reaches the last square after a narrow success, the summary of the match

Fiji Live

England thwarts the Fijian trap and reaches the final square. of this 2023 Rugby World Cup despite a hanging part (30-24). The start of the match is balanced; but the XV de la Rose will find the fault first through Tuilagi who passes in force (14th). Before that, Owen Farell had transformed a penalty offering the first three points to his team (11th). Lomani also opens his team's counter to the score. in the 20th minute but the English will score a second try in the wake of this penalty. transformed. Joe Marchant imitates Manu Tuilagi and offers an interesting first advantage to his team. In addition to this test, Habosi received a yellow. Paradoxically, it&aposs; that moment there that the Fijians are going to be the strongest. Mata scores the Oceanians' first try after a superb pass feint (28th). But after this test, the Flying Fijians will fail and too often start to attack. the fault allowing the top scorer in the history of the English selection, Owen Farell, to add to the bill before the break. The start of the second act is rather calm and the gap ends up growing again under the leadership of Owen Farell. But the burst of pride of the Flying Fijians will provide an absolutely crazy end to the match. The latter scored a second (64th) and a third try (68th) in the process, allowing the Oceanians to get back on track. 24-24. But the hero of the evening, Owen Farell, hits a drop under the posts and surprises the Fijians (72nd). He then gave the English three points back and even completed his team's success at the end of the game. two minutes from time with a penalty transformed (78th). Despite a very last offensive of the Flying Fijians, the latter stop at again in the quarter-finals of a World Cup. England is now waiting for its opponent. France or South Africa will join Steve Borthwick's men.

19:00 – Owen Farell's incredible match

The top scorer in the English selection was once again the hero of his selection in this England – Fiji. He scored 20 of the 30 points of the XV de la Rose including a decisive drop at home. the start of the last ten minutes of the match.

18:55 – France or South Africa?

Now that the XV de la Rose has emerged victorious from this England – Fiji, the English will be able to calmly watch the last quarter-final of this 2023 Rugby World Cup. France and South Africa will try to join the World Cup. Steve Borthwick's team. 

Mathieu Raynal puts an end to this breathtaking England – Fiji! The XV de la Rose narrowly won. at the end of a particularly close encounter and reaches the last square

18:49 – The XV de la Rose does not yet have its ticket!

Amazing ! Owen Farell makes a voluntary forward move. The Fijians have a penalty. We are at; the 84th minute of this particularly thrilling encounter.

18:46 – The last action

The 80th minute has passed but the ball is still in Fijian hands!

The English striker adds three new points but does not yet add to his lead. sheltered by the XV de la Rose. The Fijians are at home a transformed essay of a semi-final.

18:41 – Makala cuts Care's crazy race

Danny Care had pierced the Fijian defensive curtain but Makala makes a saving comeback at home. 20 meters from the Fijian goal.

18:40 – Five minutes left

What immense suspense! There are only five minutes of play left in this England – Fiji and the XV de la Rose lead by three small points and are hanging on to their lead. a third semi-final in a row in a World Cup.

18:37 – Fijian pressure!

On the kick-off , Courtney Lawes sets foot on the touchline and gives the Fijians a touch in the English 22 meters. 

He has all the time in the world to adjust a drop! Owen Farell adds three points and the XV de la Rose regains a three-point lead in the lead. less than ten minutes from time.

What a feeling at the Vélodrome! The Flying Fijians score a third try! Botitu is ideally served and quietly goes to flatten in the English goal! Kuruvoli transforms and puts the Fijians back on track equality ! 24-24!

The Fijians could have returned to 4 points but the Fijian striker hits the post! Despite Everything, Fiji still has the ball! What a high-tension end to the match.

The Fijian entrant penetrates the opposing defense and slips between two Englishmen before flattening! Kuruvoli transforms! 24-17 for the XV de la Rose.

18:25 – Continuation of penalties

The two teams often put each other à the fault in this second period and this England – Fiji becomes a little choppy. 

18:23 – The first English changes

Care and Sinckler come into play for the last 20 minutes of this England – Fiji. Cole and Mitchell are out.

18:21 – Heated between Botia and Curry

The two number 7s of this England – Fiji hold on but the referee prefers to talk about teaching and leaves the two men on the pitch. 

18:20 – It's short for Farell!

It's a surprise! The English striker misses a penalty with a too short kick! Fiji is still at risk. two transformed essays from the English.

18:17 – More change among the Fijians

The Fiji coach is trying to reverse the trend in this England – Fiji with the entry of new players. Derenalagi and Kuruvoli replace Tagitagivalu and Lomani. They are now 24-10 and are getting closer to the final square. of this 2023 Rugby World Cup. These are the first points of this second act.

18:12 – Maqala misses the reception

< p>One of the entrants of this Fijian selection misses his reception on a kick from Mitchell. The XV de la Rose therefore retains the ball.

18:09 – More changes

More new blood for the Fijians in this England – Fiji. Matavesi and Ravai came on and replaced Ikanivere and Mawi.

18:06 – Change for Fiji

Habosi gives in his place in this England – Fiji and is replaced by by Maqala.

18:04 – Fijians at home the fault

As in the second half; of the first period of this England – Fiji, the Oceanians are still at a loss. the fault and offers a new penalty. to the English. The latter are playing the touchline, they want to widen the gap.

18:03 – The kicking games follow one another

This game The goal of the second period is mainly a story of successive kicks to try to settle in the opposing camp.


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