Entrepreneurs: why open your account with Hello bank! ?

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Open to micro-entrepreneurs and individual entrepreneurs, Hello Business is a banking offer developed by Hello bank!. Much more than a simple current account, it offers a range of products and services adapted to this growing clientele.

Entrepreneurs: why open your account with Hello bank!?

In France, the number of entrepreneurs has exploded since the launch of the French Tech initiative in 2013. In 2021 alone, there are no less than ;a million individual companies that have been created in France. Craftsmen, merchants, farmers, start-ups, liberal professionals, they are joining the ranks of entrepreneurship en masse.

All of these people, however, need a current account, from the moment they declare more than 10,000 euros of income for 2 consecutive years. The offer is wide and it is not easy to find your way around. Among the online banks that lend themselves well to this, we find Hello bank! and its formula Hello Business.

This formula dedicated to micro-entrepreneurs and other individual entrepreneurs has been very successful since its launch. In addition to the current account and the bank card, Hello Business wants to be a global response to all the financial and administrative problems of entrepreneurs. The bank provides its professional customers with a range of products ranging from credit to mobile TPE, a billing management tool and even multi-risk insurance.

The Hello Business formula is accessible without condition or long-term commitment, for a fee of 10.90 euros excluding tax per month. At this time and until November 30, 2022, it also offers two months of membership. You just have to be of legal age, reside in France and have a valid SIREN.

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An account and a credit card

Hello bank! remains above all a banking institution and this is how Hello Business is primarily based around a current account and a bank card. The latter is very flexible compared to a card for individuals: payments and withdrawals are free and unlimited both in euros and in foreign currencies. For those who work or have a source of supply outside the EU zone, Hello Business knows how to meet their needs. Instant transfers are also free and unlimited.

If Hello bank! is an “online” bank, it nevertheless maintains a physical presence thanks to the 2,200 branches of the BNP Paribas network. The bank for entrepreneurs allows entrepreneurs to deposit checks and cash in ATMs, which has become rare. With neo-banks or other online banks for pros, this option is no longer even available.

Always to help its customers, Hello bank! has also facilitated cash management: the bank card can be deferred debit, which allows more latitude in the management of funds. You can thus be deducted from all your expenses at the end of the month, once the receipts have been made. If you have any questions, the bank's customer support takes priority for Hello Business customers.

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Much more than a bank

As a self-employed person, you are probably required to manage quotes and invoices yourself – which is not always the easiest thing to do. Above all, it is an activity that can be very time-consuming if it is not carried out very conscientiously and precisely. The Hello Business account accompanies you with a tool “My Business Assistant Start”(developed internally by BNP Paribas) which offers a structure in the management of invoices. It is a simplified software ideal for managing your daily accounts, and it is included in the subscription.

For collections, the online bank has developed a solution for all credit card payments: Hello Pay Pro. Rather than systematically refusing card payments, you have the option of equipping yourself with a mobile EPT that will allow you to accept payments via your smartphone (and the Bluetooth and 4G connection). Hello bank! charges 1.60% including tax on each transaction, the amount of which will be transferred to your account on D+1.

Finally, if you need even more flexibility in financial management, Hello Business gives you access to two options: the overdraft facility (equivalent to an authorized overdraft) of 1,550 euros and a business credit of up to 25,000 euros.

To discover the ;pro offer, it’s here:

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