Envy of other people's salaries brings happiness, although not everyone has it


June 5, 2022, 22:05 | Business

Only for young employees, and employees after 45 are somewhat different.

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Researchers have found out that being jealous of the higher salaries of colleagues at work can make a person happy. True, this applies only to young employees, informs Ukr.Media.

If young employees see how their colleagues earn more, then this kind of envy only brings happiness. Young people use this envy as a source of inspiration and desire for career development. British experts from the School of Economics and Finance at the University of St. Andrews came to this conclusion.

Economists found a high level of satisfaction among workers younger than 45, who valued higher earnings of their colleagues. Envy made such workers happy, because they believed that they themselves would soon be able to achieve similar success. But in the age group after 45 years, comparison with the material wealth of colleagues leads employees to depression and even despair. They believe that they no longer have time to achieve something similar.

"Usually, people are not satisfied with their peers or colleagues who have achieved more success, and such comparison makes us less happy.", – says the co-author of the study Professor Feliz Fitzroy.

In other words, the more our colleagues earn, the more unhappy we feel. But in the environment of young people, everything happens exactly the opposite.

True, in the conditions of the crisis, the situation changes somewhat. And university graduates are generally happy that they manage to find at least some kind of work amid record unemployment and layoffs. Usually, this position is significantly inferior to their qualifications. There is no longer envy of other people's salaries.


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