Epidemiology: coronavirus can affect 60% of the world population

Эпидемиолог: коронавирус может затронуть 60% населения планеты

An epidemic of a new type of coronavirus can spread to two-thirds of the population, said a leading Hong Kong epidemiologist, Professor Gabriel Leung. It is reported by The Guardian.

According to experts, each infected can transmit the virus to 2,5 others that jeopardizes 60-80% of the world population, said the Professor. He stressed that even if the mortality rate to 1% this will lead to a large number of deaths.

The main tasks at the moment are figuring out the extent of the epidemic and determining the effectiveness of China’s measures to curb the spread of the virus, said the epidemiologist. He explained that other countries may adopt measures in China, if they are effective.

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