Eragon: Disney+ is preparing a series adapted from the novels


After a first film adaptation in 2006 with Eragon, Christopher Paolini's novels will again be adapted, but in series, and on Disney+.

It's well known, Disney likes to pull on our heartstrings and produce films and series whose primary goal is to rekindle our child's soul and if the trend is to follow, evidenced by the Hocus Pocus 2 films andOnce Upon a Time 2, sequels to films released 30 and 15 years ago, the Disney+ platform will also host series/reboots.

When we learned in May 2020 that the saga Percy Jackson was going to return in series, Disney decided to tackle another monument of the young adult, the novel Eragon, the first volume in the saga The Legacy by Christopher Paolini, written in 2004. As for Percy Jackson and the Olympians, this new Eragon series will try to seduce fans of the novels , disappointed by the first film adaptations of these successful literary sagas. Nanar cult for some, heresy for others, the film Eragondirected in 2006 by Stefan Fangmeier, was such a disaster that it never saw a sequel. Anyway, it was time for someone to tackle the work of Christopher Paolini, and well this time (please).

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Variety magazine therefore reports that a series is in the works at Disney and that the author of the novels will co-write the series, an element not to be overlooked since we note that he was not credited as screenwriter on Eragon, which surely harmed the film. According to rumours,the writer might even showrunner the series. According to the magazine's sources, Bert Salke, producer of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, would also be the producer of this new series, which for the moment has no name.

At this time, this is the only information we have. We are therefore impatiently awaiting the announcement of the actor who will play the famous Dragon Rider who, we hope, will have more charisma than Ed Speleers, the young actor who played Eragon in the film and who seems to have suffered from Hayden Christensen Syndrome: heavy media exposure before nothingness. We also don't know if the series will only adapt the first novel or if it will also focus on the next three. As the series is at the start of its production, no release date has been announced, but we can hope for a broadcast on the platform for the end of 2023 perhaps.


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