Éric Duhaime officially rejected from the National Assembly

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Éric Duhaime officially rejected of the National Assembly

Éric Duhaime Wednesday in front of the National Assembly

The President of the National Assembly, Nathalie Roy, rejected the request of the leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ) to have an office and to hold press briefings inside the walls of the National Assembly.

Without minimizing the fact that a large number of voters supported your party during the last general elections, I see myself unable to respond favorably to your requests since you are not a elected to the National Assembly and that no other parliamentarian represents your party there, can we read in the letter sent to Éric Duhaime.

According to this letter, the departure of Claire Samson, the only Conservative MP during the last legislature, prevents the President from allowing Conservatives access to the National Assembly.

On November 29, the Conservative leader based his claims on the fact that his party won 12.9% of the vote in the last election.

The PCQ also asked to be able to participate in private briefing sessions on reports or budgets. Regarding this request, Nathalie Roy asks Éric Duhaime to turn to the Minister of Finance, who is responsible for accreditation to such sessions.

Nathalie Roy addressed the MNAs for the first time as President of the National Assembly.

This is not a setback for me, it's a setback for 530,000 Quebecers today who are told that their votes are worth nothing, dropped chef Éric Duhaime on Wednesday evening. Unfortunately, Ms. Roy only speaks for François Legault.

According to him, the CAQ is showing bad faith in this case. He thus criticizes the current government for not respecting certain democratic values. Today, [François Legault] is the premier re-elected following an election that is the worst democratic distortion in the history of Quebec. Instead of trying to round this up so that there is reparation and a little more justice for the parties that have been victimized, he is trying to abuse it.

Éric Duhaime indicates that he will continue to fight and demand justice for relaxations. This is important: a parliament is always healthier when the oppositions are represented.

According to him, this kind of decision sends the wrong message to voters about their involvement in the democratic process.

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