Éric Duhaime promises to take to the streets if he does not have access to the National Assembly

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Éric Duhaime promises to go out in the street if he doesn’t have access to the National Assembly

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Having no elected members of the National Assembly, Conservative leader Éric Duhaime held his press conference outside on Wednesday.

The leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ), Éric Duhaime, hopes to have access to the National Assembly over the next four years even if his party has failed to elect any MPs, otherwise he promises to be heard otherwise, especially on the streets.

That's not my plan A. My plan A is to serve inside the walls of parliament. If plan A does not work, we have plans B, C, D. We are studying the possibilities, he said at a press conference before the National Assembly on Wednesday.

Prime Minister François Legault, however, maintained that Éric Duhaime would not have access to Parliament because he did not elect any deputy. If [François Legault] decides that 530,000 Quebecers is not enough, he will suffer the consequences of his actions, retorted the defeated candidate in Chauveau.

Éric Duhaime said pin a lot of hope on the negotiations over the next few weeks with the House leaders. He would like to have an office and attend the budget speech in particular, as is allowed to interest groups, he argues.

During his first press conference since October 3, the leader of the PCQ asked the Premier of Quebec to reduce the size of his future Council of Ministers. Recall that the party had pledged during the election campaign to reduce the number of ministers from 26 to 20.

“You and I know that a recession is on the horizon: all the indicators are increasingly red. Inflation is hitting Quebeckers hard. The role and duty of the state is to reduce its size to give taxpayers a break. It must cut spending, like families in Quebec. »

— Éric Duhaime, leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec

However, it seems that François Legault is on the contrary preparing to increase the size of his Council of Ministers. Sources have indicated that the Council whose composition will be unveiled on Thursday could include 28 to 30 ministers.

If the number of ministers is reduced, Éric Duhaime says he is at ease with the fact that ministries have more powers.

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