Error for 6.6 million euros: a record fine for illegal parking was issued in Greece


Euro 6.6 million mistake: record parking fine in Greece

A resident of the Greek island of Rhodes received a “letter of happiness” with a receipt for payment of a fine in the amount of 6 648 444 euros. She almost fainted from shock.

In Greece, the owner of the car was given the world's largest fine for parking violations. The receipt shows the amount of 6,648,444 euros. This writes the publication Rodiaki.

The incident occurred a few days ago on the Greek island of Rhodes. A local resident received a so-called “letter of happiness” – a notice about the accrual of a fine for parking in the wrong place.

Euro 6.6 million error: record fine for illegal parking issued in Greece

When she opened the envelope and saw the receipt, at first she thought that a fine of 6648 euros had been issued (which is also a lot, because the average fines in Greece are 40-80 euros). But when I read it, I almost fainted from shock.

However, later the Greek woman pulled herself together and went to the local municipality. There, she presented a receipt and joked that she did not have 6.6 million euros on her bank card, and therefore she would have to pay in cash.

The huge fine was also shocking to officials. Naturally, it was immediately recognized as erroneous and canceled. Although the municipality still cannot really explain why such an astronomical amount was issued, the software failure was obviously the reason.


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