Esoterics told what color clothes attract money


July 23, 2022, 10:07 | Business

In which clothes you can attract finance.

Esoterics told what color clothes attract money

< p>Every person wants, if not to be rich, at least to have a good financial position, informs Ukr.Media.

Even in ancient Egypt, pharaohs forced their priests to dress in certain colors in order to collect taxes faster and more successfully. Even then, people noticed that certain color combinations have energy vibrations that attract wealth. In today's world, it has become even easier to choose clothes of the right color range. According to esotericists, there are colors that attract a lot of money.


The most powerful color for attracting money and luck in the field of finance, if used in business accessories: a bag, wallet or in jewelry. But it is good to go to sales in red clothes: it saves you from unnecessary expenses.


This color helps to find the right decision when investing money or making large purchases. This color has the ability to attract the lost: wearing it, it is easier to return debts or loans. The color 'works' in business suits and ties for men, for women in long-sleeved dresses and turtlenecks.


Yellow carries concentrated female monetary energy and helps to "attract" expensive gifts and “sponsorship” contributions The color should be used in cloaks, coats or mini skirts.

Blue or turquoise

The color brings luck in risky financial transactions, playing on the stock exchange or gambling for money. The color must be present in the lower part of the clothing: pants, skirt or in shoes. If, by dressing in this way, you manage to break the jackpot, you should change your clothes as soon as possible so as not to frighten your luck. These colors "act" both ways: if you have money, then wearing these shades can lead to a loss of capital.


Grey — radiates the energy of stability and capital. Works best in business attire of high-level managers and various intermediaries (for example, real estate business). The color helps to focus on developing the right strategies for investing money and multiplying savings.


The color will help you get a salary increase or get a job to a high-paying position if you wear a trouser suit for the conversation.


Black – inspires trust and gives a sense of confidence. Color is the best helper in getting a loan if you use it in outerwear, such as coats and hats.

Use the color scheme of clothes and increase your income.


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