Espanyol receives a harsh review during their visit to Brighton


     Espanyol receives a tough review during their visit to Brighton

    El Espanyol fitted in. He suffered a harsh punishment in the penultimate game of the preseason played at the field of Brighton , one of the outstanding teams in the last Premier campaign, which surpassed him. in all facets of the game (5-1). A final goal from Joselu put on makeup The review of the English team slightly changed, which, a week after the start of the Premier, was shown far superior in physical appearance and overwhelmed in the second half with a ‘hat trick’ Belgian striker Leandro Trossard.

    The defeat, the second in the five games that the Blue and Whites have played in the preseason (on Thursday the team lost to the Balompé; says Linense), leaves very bad feelings in the team he leads Diego Martínez and makes evident the need to reinforce the squad to be competitive, beyond of the casualties of important pieces due to injury such as Puado, Embarba, Sergi Gómez and the well-known absence of Raúl de Tomás. Cucurella stayed behind. out of the Brighton lineup, after he had requested the transfer to sign for City

    El Espanyolcame in with great ease to the game and, at the minute of play, he already generated a clear chance in a shot by Vinicius Souza . But it was a mirage. Much more rolled, the Brighton applied from the first minutes a high pressure that locked up the the blue and white team in his area, and he didn't stop. to generate clear chances, with the central defenders Cabrera and Calero multiplying to move the ball away.

    The insistence of the English box obtained its prize for the quarter of an hour, when Webster, free of brand, entered the competition. very calmly to the area to finish off a corner. After the goal, it seemed Espanyol managed to slightly shake off dominance with greater control of the ball, especially by Jordi Darder, the man for whom all the creation of the team passes. But he still had a couple of clear chances plus Brighton before the break: a shot from March (m. 37) and one from Welbeck&nbsp ;(m. 44).

    Nightmare minutes

    The second half turned out to be very difficult. It was an ordeal for Espanyol who, two minutes after the restart, had already conceded the second, in a sent . from Trossard to the center of the area, which Dunk sent out. to the net with a placed header, which left the ball wide open. in evidence toBenjamin Lecomte, the brand new signing in the goal, who made the statue. A shot by Rubén Sánchez , in a ball served by Melamed, was the tepid response of the parakeets before the avalanche of the locals arrived through Trossard, author of a ‘hatk trick’ in just a quarter of an hour, exploiting Espanyol's weakness on the left wing, first with a volley (m. 54), then with a cut in the small area   and a low shot (m 63 ) and, finally, with a cross at the first touch that the Belgian striker did not spare. (m. 68).

    The changes of Brighton in the last few minutes gave some air to Espanyol, who managed to win. he stretched out and finally found his consolation in Joselu's goal, after receiving an unmarked service from Darder.

    Brighton, 5- RCE Espanyol, 1

    Brighton: Robert Sánchez, Webster (Mitoma, 72nd), Dunk, March (Maupey, 72nd), Mwepu (Lallana, 55th), Mac Allister (Alzate, 70th), Trossard (Van Hecke , 72′), Gross (Lamptey, 72′), Welbeck (Undav, 72′), Caicedo (Sarmiento, 78′) and Veltman. 

    Espanyol: Lecomte , Óscar Gil, Cabrera, Calero (Pol Lozano, 83rd), Keidi Bare (Simo, 57th), Sergi Darder, Vinicius Souza, Joselu, Nico Melamed (Luca Koleosho, 57th), Omar El Hilali (Brian Olivá ;n, 46′) and Rubén Sánchez (Jofre Carreras, 83′).



    Goals : 1-0, min. 17: Webster; 2-0, min.47: Dunk; 3-0, min.54: Trossard; 4-0, min.63: Trossard; 5-0, min.68: Trossard; 5-1, min.77: Joselu.

    Referee: Stuartt Attwel (English). admonished Nico Melamed (min.33), Simo (min.70) and Darder (min.74).


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