Espanyol, with 10, achieves a gold and diamond point against Atlético

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Espanyol, with 10, achieves a point of gold and diamonds against Atlético

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There is a motto that Atlético always applies. It is the “game by game”; the fight, the perseverance, the fight for each point as if their lives depended on it; physical football, strength, gaining meters as if it were a rugby match. But if in the Metropolitano there was a team that formalized The theory was Espanyol, with a touch of heroism, to add more than just a point, “a puntazo”, as defined by Espanyol. Sergi Dauder, the parakeet footballer who put the blue and white team on his back to achieve a draw fought hard and with perseverance.

As if it were a troubled river, against an Atletico that does not raise its head, that generates debate in the stands, with its most radical fans refusing to enter the stadium until the second half, EspanyolI had to fish, show that they were capable of being in the league table much higher than the position they now occupy, so as not to suffer and not be aware every day of what the other teams that try to do to get out of that hole that leads to the Second Division.

Great defense

Espanyol even though they were a consistent block in defense, who did not fail behind, who knew how to protect their Parisian goalkeeper, a Lecomtewhich was perfect, to close any debate that spoke of fragility in the blue and white goal. He had stops of merit, he knew how to order his defense and above all he avoided it. The defeat was when Atlético attacked the most, after Joao joined the team. He joined the match to give Diego Simeone's team more character.

Things went very badly for Espanyol when Cabrerahe was sent off after 28 minutes. Terrible, cruel, as if the field had become a torture cell. so he was asked the match to Diego Martínez when he lost. to his central defender for knocking down Morata, being the last blue and white defender. The game hadn't even been half an hour. A lot of time to avoid defeat against a Metropolitan, criticism aside, given to his team. 50,000 people screaming against Espanyol.

Let's change tactics

Diego Martínez had to change tactics, nothing that had happened before -without a single shot from Atlético- counted. A resistance party began, not to hand over a meter to the enemy, to take advantage of the local motto of “match by match” to leave the Metropolitan dressed and not naked, even if he went with a “point that he tasted like victory” the blue and white coach.

Espanyol moved the bench. came in Sergi Gómez by Baré and began the resistance. No goals until the break. First act finished without major problems. But Atlético, who had to change their attacking partner (Griezmann and Morata), was still in full offensive, with Espanyol locked up in their area as if it were a trench.

DarderBacklash, to get oil out of the well, to surprise Atlético on the only occasion of danger. Espanyol goal (m. 62). Simeone couldn't believe it. It was like a parakeet miracle, in his best game away from Barcelona.

Empat & oacute; el Atlético. And thanks, for the work of Joao, the best among the locals, somewhat accomplished when there was still a quarter of an hour left in the match, extension included. Plenty of time to think a point had been saved. But they succeeded, with a miraculous save by Lecomte. It was a point of gold and diamonds, which does not separate Espanyol from the relegation zone but which helps them gain confidence and believe in themselves. same.

The match sheet

 Atletico: Oblak (6); Molina (7), Savic (6), Giménez (5), Reinildo (5); Llorente (6), De Paul (5), Kondogbia (5), Carrasco (6); Griezmann (5) and Morata (6).

Coach: Diego Simeone (6)

Changes: Correa (7) for De Paul (m. 46), Joao (8) for Carrasco (m. 65), Witsel (5) for Kondogbia (m. 65), Lemar (6) for Griezmann (m. 72) and Cunha (6) by Morata (m. 72).

Espanyol: Lecomte (9); Óscar Gil (7), Calero (7), Cabrera (5), Brian Oliván (6); Vini Souza (5), Darder (8), K. Baré; (5); Aleix (6), Joselu (7), Braithwaite (4).

Coach: Diego Martínez (7)

Changes: S. Gómez (7) by Baré; (m. 33), Puado (6) by Braithwaite (m. 55), Simo (6) by Oliván (m. 55), Omar (s.c.) by Gil (m. 87) and Lozano (s.c.) by Aleix (m. 87).

Goals: 0-1, Darder (m. 62). 1-1, Joao (m. 78).

Referee: Pulido Santana (canary) (6).

Cards: Cabrera (red, m. 28), Olivan (m. 33), Braithwaite (m. 52), Kondogbia (m. 58), Lecomte (m. 73), Giménez (m. 82), Aleix (m. 84), Joao (m. 86)

Stadium: Metropolitano (50,007 spectators)