Esther 2: the killer girl is back in a creepy trailer


Thirteen years after the first installment, the little girl assassin is back in Esther 2: Origins, a prequel that revealed itself in a bloody trailer.< /strong>

Unfortunately, everyone ages, even actors and actresses (except Keanu Reeves of course) no offense to producers who always have to find ways to rejuvenate their stars for more or less successful flashbacks. If sometimes the digital rejuvenation can be quite impressive, as in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, it can also be very ugly, like that of Robert Downey Jr. in Captain America: Civil War, to name but one.

So we were all surprised, and a little worried, to learn that the movie Esther was going to have a sequel and especially that actress Isabelle Fuhrman, now 25, would reprise her role. Because yes, if the sequel to Avatar,Thirteen years after the first part, apparently not a problem (especially since the actors don't really look like humans anymore), making a prequel with the same actress seems complicated. And indeed, the trailer struggles to make us forget about this anomaly.

Unlike the previously mentioned films, the actress did not have to be rejuvenated for a sequence or two, but for the entire duration of the film since Esther 2 takes place years before the first, so that the cute little slayer was still a child, or a teenager or a young adult. It's hard to know her age when you know that she stopped growing at age 9. Even if the shots are very short, we realize that Esther's face, which has supposedly not changed for years, is not really the same anymore.

So we find the little girl in an orphanage, or rather what's left of it, because everything seems to indicate that Esther or Leena Klammer of her real name, set the fire to the institution before fleeing and manipulating a family, surely the first of a long list. With its creepy music, ultra-fast editing and spurts of blood, the trailer for Esther 2 announces a feature film much more terrifying than the first film, which is more akin to thriller than horror.

Like the first film, Esther 2 is Rated-R in the United States (no under 17 not allowed) accompanied by an adult) and unlike the previous part directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, to whom we owe in particular Black Adam, whose release is fast approaching, this prequel has been entrusted to William Brent Bell , director of The Boy and its sequel, The Boy: The Curse of Brahms.

Even if the quality of the film remains to be proven, Esther 2 will be an opportunity to find the young Isabelle Fuhrman who, despite several appearances in the cinema since the first opus, has not given a major role. To find out if this sequel/prequel was a good idea, see you on August 17, 2022 in theaters.


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