Estonia for five years banned the entry of the group “Hands up”


    Estonia for five years banned entry to the group

    The artists performed in the temporarily occupied Crimea.

    Members of the Russian group “Hands Up” were banned from entering Estonia for five years due to the fact that the artists performed in the temporarily occupied Crimea. This is reported by Russian media with reference to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Estonia. With this decision, the country's authorities decided to express their solidarity with Ukraine, which has been staunchly resisting Russian military aggression for the sixth month.

    head of department Urmas Reinsalu in the press service of the Estonian diplomatic mission.

    Reinsalu noted that members of the Hands Up group visited Crimea after Russia temporarily occupied the peninsula in 2014, and stressed that Estonia continues to support Ukraine .

    Sergey Zhukov, commenting on the decision, expressed regret that fans of his work would not be able to attend concerts in Estonia. And he invited them to his concerts in Russia.

    As you know, in March 2022, the lead singer of the group “Hands Up” was banned from entering Latvia after his performance at a concert in honor of the “annexation of Crimea” in Luzhniki.< /p>


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