Estonia to introduce control over Ukrainian refugees

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Control over Ukrainian refugees will be introduced in Estonia

Changes to the law do not mean that Ukrainian refugees are seen as a threat to the national security of the country.

As part of improving the provision of social services, all Ukrainians in Estonia will be required to declare their actual place of residence in this country. This was announced on Friday, October 28, by the Minister of the Interior of Estonia, Lauri Laanemets, writes Postimees.

According to him, understanding who lives where will allow the Estonian government to more effectively use its resources to provide assistance to Ukrainians.

Laanemets warned that the Estonian Ministry of the Interior will initiate changes to the law on aliens, according to which all persons staying in Estonia and enjoying the regime of international or temporary protection will be required to provide the authorities with their current location and contact details.

“Until now, we have persistently asked Ukrainian refugees to provide us with such information. Many have done this, but for a better organization of work, this should be made mandatory. The quick introduction of the necessary clarifications into the law will save officials’ working time and better direct our resources, but most importantly, ensure the necessary support and assistance to Ukrainian refugees who come here, from a place in a school or kindergarten to the provision of medical services, jobs and language learning,” Läenemets explained.

The Estonian Ministry of Internal Affairs notes that changes to the law are not mean that Ukrainian refugees are seen as a threat to the national security of the country.

According to official data, since February 24, 109,742 citizens of Ukraine arrived in Estonia, of which, according to the border crossing data, 58,721 intended to stay in Estonia. Of the citizens of Ukraine who arrived in Estonia, 35,049 people received temporary protection, and 2,623 people are still considering applications.

Recall that the program of assistance to Ukrainian refugees in Georgia will be extended for another six months.

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