EU countries agree on gas reduction – this is how Lintilä commented on the agreement


EU countries agree on reducing gas use – however, there is no obligation to reduce gas use without a crisis situation declared by the Council.

EU countries agree on gas reduction – this is how Lintil comments on the agreement

Minister of Economy Mika Lintilä. Elle [email protected] at 14:46

The EU countries agreed to reduce the use of natural gas by 15 percent in each EU country by next March. Only Hungary disagreed.

However, the goal is not binding, unless the Council declares a crisis situation. Such a crisis could be if the gas supply stopped completely or if gas was used clearly more than what can be afforded in terms of gas availability.

Several exceptions were set to the fifteen percent reduction target. Countries that are not connected to the gas network of other member states, such as the island states of Ireland and Malta, may deviate from the target. Exemptions are also granted to countries that depend on gas for their energy production.

Minister of Economy Mika Lintilä, who participated in the extraordinary session of the Energy Council on Tuesday, said at his press conference that he was impressed by the European solidarity that transcends national interests.

According to Lintilä, the Russian president is fighting two wars: a war against Ukraine and an energy war against the European Union.

– Moscow's goal is to break up the EU with energy, Lintilä said.

Finland has already reduced its gas consumption by half, Minister Lintilä said. A relatively small part of Finland's energy consumption comes from gas. Since the 15 percent reduction is compared to the average of the last five years, Finland has already met its goal.

Disagreement last week

The European Commission proposed last week that all EU countries should reduce gas consumption by 15 percent, but many countries – including Poland, Spain, Portugal – sharply criticized the proposal.

The aim is to reduce gas consumption EU-wide, in order to ensure sufficient gas supply for gas-dependent countries, especially Germany.

The Russian state company Gazprom announced on Monday that it will further reduce gas supplies in the Nord Stream gas pipeline.

– Germany has made a strategic mistake with its dependence on Russian gas, but the government is working to correct it, German Economy Minister Robert Habeck said according to AFP.

In the coming winter, Europe is threatened by an energy crisis, especially a gas crisis, which the EU countries are now trying to avoid by reducing energy consumption in advance.

Energy consumption is at its highest in the winter season, when apartments measuring takes energy.

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